WK 8 Assignments – Annotated Bibliography

WK 8 Assignments – Annotated Bibliography

Please review the annotated bibliography handout. Use the academic search complete database–accessible through the college–to find an article related to the position you plan to take in your argument research essay. Remember to follow the library research guidelines for finding a”scholarly journal” article on your topic.

Once you find and read the article, write an annotation which includes the MLA citation and a 100-150 word descriptive and evaluative paragraph.

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FYI: Enclosed is the college’s library website page:


Research essay-article topic/ article webpage: Fake News Outcry is Misguided



WK 8 Assignments – Annotated Bibliography

Harsin, Jayson. “A critical guide to fake news: From comedy to tragedy.” Pouvoirs, 1 (2018):



The author discusses in depth the issue of “fake news” and starts by describing its history and use in comedy. He then presents that fake news has a negative impact on contemporary democracy. It establishes that fake news has the ability to capture the attention of eth audience and consequently the audience views it in a particular light.  Another major issue with fake news is that it produces some form of false belief about an issue and consequently the false belief brings about confusion among the members of society. The author brings out that the fake news detriment, the audience tends to neglect the issue of politicians who choose to create and suppress realities.  The article also suggests ways in which the issue can be addressed including the use of Artificial Intelligence solutions, which would be trained so as to weed out any fake news as soon as it is posted or uploaded.





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