Electronic Fetal Monitoring

Electronic Fetal Monitoring

Please research medical technological advances that may be unique to the care of women and children. Discuss how this technology will improve care Electronic Fetal Monitoringto women and children. (ideas may be: genetic screening, public health initiatives, mammography, cervical screening, Fetal monitoring, Electronic medical records, telemedicine).

Which technological advances have been utilized in your local hospital? How has it impacted the care of women and children?Will need at least 2 in text citation and 2 references.



Fetal Monitoring

Various technological advances have been introduced in improving the quality of health that women and children receive. One such significant technology is the use of Electronic Fetal Monitoring (EFM), which has proven to be a useful tool in health provision. Fetal monitoring technology is used to asses if a child is able to receive oxygen during labor. The goal of EFM is the prevention of metabolic academia, which develops due to oxygen deprivation. According to Stout and Cahill (2011), inadequacy in oxygen supply may result due to various factors such as a decrease in placental perfusion during urine contraction, and umbilical cord compressions.


One way of determining a baby’s condition before birth is through their heartbeat. Through EFM, the health provider is able to trace the baby’s heart rate as well as the pregnancy contractions and how they might affect the fetus (Chen et al., 2011). In high-risk pregnancies, the technology is used in reducing incidents of neonatal seizures. According to the research conducted by Stout and Cahill (2011) on the effectiveness of EFM, one neonatal seizure is prevented for every 660 women who receive monitoring during labor. It also assists in identifying possible complications that may need further examination or referral. Further through EFM, it is possible to identify abnormal fetal heart rate pattern earlier and take necessary steps in improving any condition discovered.

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In my local hospital, one technology that has been introduced to improve care for women and children is the use of E-clinic telemedicine service. Through this, patients are able to be access diagnosis and treatment through the internet hence reducing regular hospital visits for conditions that can be treated form home. Diagnosis is also made faster thus reducing the time period and processes used in securing hospital appointments.




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