Journal – Major Issues Anticipated while Writing the Essay

Journal – Major Issues Anticipated while Writing the Essay


In 300 words, Discuss what major issue you anticipate having when you begin writing this essay. How do you plan to address this issue when it arises?



Essay topic: Fake News Outcry is Misguided


FYI: These are the essay instructions that the above question is referring to:

Essay 3 will be a research argument essay. This week you will receive a course message with an article attached to it. The article will be taking a position on a current event. Your essay will be an classical argument paper that either agrees with or disagrees with the author’s of the article’s position.

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You must support your argument with evidence from the academic databases found in the college library–Academic Search Complete, EBSCO, CQ Researcher, etc. Please review the library orientation videos to refresh your understanding of including reputable sources for research papers. Sources that are found outside of the academic databases will not count and may even harm your grade for this essay.

Essay guidelines:

-7-10 pages of content typed in MLA format with a work-cited page (work cited page does not count as a page of content).

-You must include at least 4 sources for you paper–these sources must be indicated in the annotated bibliography.



WK 8 Journal – Major Issues Anticipated while Writing the Essay

The main issue that I anticipate in writing this essay is the introduction. The introduction is supposed to serve as the icebreaker for the audience that will read my work and therefore, I acknowledge that I need to put more focus on how to grab the attention of the audience in my introduction. I am not sure I will be able to attract the interest of the specific audience and still be able to focus on the subject matter of the argument. The essay topic also has a lot of information and I am afraid about the idea of providing enough background information so that I can ensure that the audience is aware of the general problem or issue that I am addressing. The challenge is on identifying the elements of background or context that needs to be resented in the introduction amidst the large pool of information that exists.


However, I plan to address the issue as soon as it arises through several techniques. The first one will be to find the best way to capture and focus the audience’s attention. On this, I will choose to focus on quotations, or a representative analogy or case. Also, a useful strategy would be to attack an opposing point of view which will focus on grabbing the attention of the audience so that they can be prepared for my thoughts. Also, I intend to carefully elect worlds so that I can be able to use my introduction to signal my specific position on the topic of discussion and the direction of my argument. In addition, I will ensure that I establish my image and bring out exactly what I would like to project in the argument such as aggression and passion on the topic for the readers to understand my point.

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