Article Review

Article Review

Review the sample argument article for this week and answer the following: (Short answer assignments must meet a word count of 100-150 words per question.)

1- what is the topic of the article and what is the article’s position?  Provide a key sentence from the article that supports your answer.  Provide an example of one appeal that the article uses.  Explain, how/why you feel this appeal is used successfully or not.

2- Joe has to write an argument essay supporting the right to have an abortion.  He begins his essay with a statistic discussing the significant number of cases of severe depression in teenage rape victims who gave birth to children in the past ten years.  What rhetorical appeal is joe using? Explain.

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3-Refer to the soapstone analysis handout to answer this question:

Juan is doing a research paper on the powers of the US presidency.  He has found a really good article from the library databases.  He decides to read the article closer in order to think about why the author wrote the article and what the author’s goals were for writing the article.  What type of close reading strategy is Juan using?  what other strategy from the handout would be beneficial for Juan to use also?

4- Debbie is writing an essay on illegal immigration.  Her first body paragraph uses a PBS News interview with the Border Patrol Commissioner.  What appeal is Debbie using in this paragraph? Explain.



Article Review

Question 1

The topic of the article is about the threats to reproductive health in the United States posed by the policies being implemented by the Trump administration. It particularly notes that the administration has been working to gut the Title X program. The program assists women from poor backgrounds to access cancer screening, birth control, and other reproductive health services. The key statement is “The Trump administration’s new Title X rule, announced in February, will lay waste to that progress. The rule bars facilities that receive Title X money from providing abortions, even with a separate source of money, as has been required by law for decades”. One of the appeals that the article uses is pathos, which is appealing to the emotions. The appeal is used successfully since it allows the article to appeal to the emotions of the readers.


Question 2

The rhetorical appeal that Joe is using is logos. The appeal is associated with appealing to the logic of the audience, which involves using facts, figures, and reason to appeal to persuade them. Logos requires one to reason with his or her audience, which includes providing them with credible statistics and facts. Therefore, since Joes starts his article with a statistical figure, his rhetorical appeal may be described as logos since it persuades the audience using data.

Question 3

Juan tends to focus on why the author wrote the article as well as his goals for writing the article. Therefore, his strategy may be described as having focusing on the purpose of the article. With the strategy, one focuses on the purpose of a text, which includes the reasons why the author wrote the article, the message, and how the author conveys the message. However, incorporating other strategies would also be beneficial for Juan to use. This involves focusing on the subject of the article as well. The strategy includes reading closer to understand elements related to the content, topic, and ideas of the text. It also includes exploring whether there is more than one subject in the article.


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