E-portfolio Plan

E-portfolio Plan

Please write in simple academic  language

It is an e-portfolio plan

600 words

At Least  4 references

I have uploaded a model answer along with this order.



-Write about a general introduction about e-portfolio

2.Structure and purpose of e-portfolio


3.What are the things to be prepared and included in the portfolio

I will do this

4.The relevance to career development in nursing speciality.

A sample paragraph below

(Nurses can reach their goals by reviewing the e-portfolio. They can evaluate their

studies and experience and update themselves by checking their portfolio and it will help

them to gain higher positions in their specialty area or can do higher studies if they needed

(Ryan, 2011).)

Time frame

Please do the  same columns  and answers according to the model answer,


A model paragraph)

(e-portfolio is electronically accessed portfolio which includes all the details and documents from educational, professional and personal experience. It will help nurses to provide better care and quality life to patients and also nurses can gain their goals and develop their career.)





An e-portfolio is electronic evidence of work, which showcases proof of clinical competency among nursing students and registered nurses (Green, Wyllie, & Jackson, 2014).  This means that the e-portfolio looks at the personal and professional growth and offers a planning space for development of nursing experiences and needs. E-portfolio is essential in creating a reflection of one’s experiences and professional skills. It also creates a platform that allows health care practitioners to showcase their experiences, skills, and achievements (Green, Wyllie, & Jackson, 2014).  Therefore, an e-portfolio ensures a holistic integration of professional assessment that is not susceptible to degradation or damage as traditional portfolio.


E-portfolio needs to be well executed to ensure they provide an authentic assessment of the student. An e-portfolio supports learning of nursing students through providing workplace assessment, personal development plans, and learning events. It also showcases the professional activities, learning experiences, continuing education, competencies, personal goals and skills, and professional achievement (Nielsen, Pedersen, & Helms, 2015). Therefore, students use e-portfolio to reflect their weaknesses and strengths and the improvement they expect in the future.  E-portfolio is a rich resource that allows one to learn about the achievement of a given student and make connections on the curriculum and areas where the student needs to improve (Green, Wyllie, & Jackson, 2014).  As a digital application in nursing, an e-portfolio allows for information sharing, collaboration, and interaction of an individual’s learning experiences (Nielsen, Pedersen, & Helms, 2015). Therefore, an e-portfolio is a critical innovation in nursing profession that provides the workplace assessment, personal development plan, and learning events of nursing students and nurses.



Nurses can achieve their goals by going through and assessing their e-portfolio. An e-portfolio allows nurses to evaluate their experiences and studies and update their weaknesses and strengths by going through their e-portfolio regularly (Green, Wyllie, & Jackson, 2014). Having an e-portfolio allows nurses to target higher positions in the nursing profession or seek a leadership position in nursing organizations and associations (Birks et al., 2016). Therefore, e-portfolio serves as a repository that ensures professional and career development and ensures analysis of one’s competencies and weaknesses in nursing profession and practice.


Week one Selection of website
Week two Purpose of the e-portfolio and uses
Week three Collecting information and organizing the e-portfolio
Week four Adding artefacts
Week five Interject personality
Week six Reflect metacognitively
Week seven Self-assess and inspect goals
Week eight Perfect, evaluate and grade your strengths and weaknesses
Week nine Connect and conference
Week ten Inject and eject the e-portfolio
Week eleven Review for adding additional information and proofreading
Week twelve E-Portfolio completion
Week thirteen Show pride and respect accomplishment
Week fourteen E-Portfolio submission and Peer Review



E-portfolio is a digital electronic tool that is critical to the nursing profession in many ways. E-portfolio is electronically accessed compared to the traditional portfolio to enable nursing students and nurses to showcase their experiences, skills, and achievements. An e-portfolio includes personal experiences, professional experiences, and education details of an individual (Nielsen, Pedersen, & Helms, 2015). This helps nurses to develop their career, goals, skills, and knowledge by assessing their e-portfolio. Nursing students and nurses find it exciting to identify their strengths and weaknesses and keeping track of their professional development.



Birks, M., Hartin, P., Woods, C., Emmanuel, E., & Hitchins, M. (2016). Students’ perceptions of the use of e-portfolios in nursing and midwifery education. Nurse Education in Practice, 18, 46-51. DOI: 10.1016/j.nepr.2016.03.003.

Green, J., Wyllie, A., & Jackson, D. (2014). Electronic portfolios in nursing education: A review of the literature. Nurse Education in Practice, 14(1), 4-8. DOI:


Nielsen, K., Pedersen, B. D., & Helms, N. H. (2015). E-Portfolio and learning styles in clinical nursing education. Journal of Nursing Education and Practice, 5(9), 54–62. DOI: 10.1016/j.ecns.2015.04.005

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