Strategic Controls and Monitoring Tools

Strategic Controls and Monitoring Tools

Organizational leaders must be aware of external forces that may impact their organization. Strategic controls and monitoring tools allow leaders to evaluate these forces and develop tactical objectives to limit negative consequences. For this Team Discussion, you explore how strategic controls, monitoring tools, and tactical objectives might be used to address issues impacting health care organizations.

To prepare:

In Week 1, the Instructor assigned to your team a scenario that involves a health care organization with an issue requiring an evaluation of the organization’s strategic plan. Reflect on the issue and, as a team, begin identifying and discussing evaluation or monitoring tools that would be useful to address this issue. Be sure to consider the following:

  • What strategic controls (e.g., promise control, implementation control, strategic surveillance, and special alert control) might you use and why?
  • What monitoring tools (e.g., Gantt Chart, Balanced Scorecard, Dashboard, etc.) might you use and why?
  • What are two tactical objectives that the organization might leverage to effectively address operations requirements and limit negative consequences?

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  • Group C’s Scenario: Lake County Medical Practice is a large physician practice in Tallahassee, Florida providing one-stop medical and ancillary services to their patients. Of the approximately 80,000 patients Lake County serves annually, 38% are Medicare beneficiaries. Recently, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services reduced reimbursement rates by approximately 11% for office visits, surgical procedures, and a range of diagnostic and therapeutic services. Based on a projection from the chief financial officer, the new reimbursement rates equate to a $5.8 million reduction in revenue for the medical practice. This comes at a time when Lake County Medical Practice has experienced an increase in new Medicare beneficiaries, as one of the area’s medical practices closed its door after the founder and chief executive officer retired four months ago. Other Medicare beneficiaries have been unsuccessful at finding new primary care physicians, as area physicians are not accepting new Medicare patients. Therefore, Medicare beneficiaries are traveling at least 40 miles to the nearest provider to get medical service.



Strategic Controls and Monitoring Tools

Strategic and implementation controls are designed to assess the overall organizational strategies and the impacts of internal and external factors. In this scenario, some of the external factors affecting Lake County Medical Practice include a reduction in Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement. The organization can employ various strategic controls such as strategic surveillance, implementations control, and premise control. With strategic surveillance, it would be possible to observe and continuously analyze the necessary factors that might impact the selected strategy (Ginter, Duncan & Swayne, 2018). Further, premise control will enable the management to track each strategy as it gets implemented to make necessary adjustments to achieve maximum results.


Besides selecting and measuring the strategies, it is also essential for the organization to monitor the performance. Using monitoring tools such as balanced scorecard, the management would be able to address business performance comprehensively by combining both financial and non-financial indicators (Bisbe & Barrubés, 2012). With the organization currently projecting a $5.8 million reduction in revenue due to the new reimbursement, employing a balanced scorecard will facilitate proper monitoring and assessment of the implementation process. Besides, the Gantt charts can also be used for planning organizational strategies by determining the required resources and the order in which projects should be accomplished (Bisbe & Barrubés, 2012).

The organization can reduce the negative impacts by implementing tactical objectives that work synergistically with the selected strategies to complement one another in achieving positive results. As such, tactical objectives that should be considered, based on the strategies chosen may involve, increasing the number of primary care providers and reconsidering the hospital’s financial budget to accommodate the Medicare beneficiaries they are going to serve.



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monitoring strategy implementation in health care organizations. Revista Española de Cardiología (English Edition), 65(10), 919-927.

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