BSN Nursing Admission Essay

Nursing Admission Essay

Writing a BSN application essay requires careful consideration and a keen understanding of the program to which you are applying. It is important to demonstrate that you have researched the school, taken into account its mission and values, and understand what it offers in terms of academics and support for nursing students. Your essay should be tailored to each individual school so that admissions committees can see your commitment to becoming a nurse and your passion for the profession.

When crafting your essay, consider the qualities that make nursing unique and why you are drawn to it as a career. Describe any experiences you have had in the field or any courses you have taken that have inspired a desire to become a nurse. Demonstrate how you plan to use your education to make a difference, and discuss how you think the BSN program at your chosen school can help get you there. If applicable, draw on any personal experiences that have shaped your opinion of nursing.

Your essay should clearly articulate why you want to pursue a career in nursing, as well as specific goals that you have for yourself and your future patients. Nursing is a unique field that requires a multitude of skills and qualifications, such as empathy, communication, critical thinking, decision making and problem solving — to name a few. With the right combination of technical knowledge and interpersonal abilities, nurses can make an impactful difference in their communities by providing quality healthcare to those who need it most.

Sample BSN Application Essay

Why am I seeking graduate degree in nursing?

As an associate of Arts (AA) degree holder, I have been searching for an institution where I can not only pursue a nursing degree, but excel in it. As St. Joseph’s College, the responsibility of training nurses is placed on the best trainers the region has to offer. Furthermore, the institution mentors nurses to become leaders at every stage of their career and to take up leadership roles in their respective institutions. St. Joseph’s and I therefore, have a common vision. I am constantly motivated to increase my knowledge base so that I can become a nurse leader and offer guidance to other nurses. With the emphasis placed on nursing leadership at the institution, I am confident that I will achieve this goal. Conversely, as an aspiring nurse, the drive to provide healthcare solutions to my community is my primary motivation to pursue a degree in nursing. I am pleased that St. Joseph’s is also passionate about training nurses to provide care that impacts both patients and the community as a whole. Thus vindicated, I am encouraged that by joining St. Joseph’s College, I will be able to achieve my primary goals of becoming a nurse leader and also providing healthcare solutions to the community.

What are your professional goals after graduating from St. Joseph’s?

After graduating from the institution, I want to become a travel nurse and a nurse leader providing guidance to my peers and other nurses. The current nurse shortage has informed my goal of becoming a travel nurse. In this role, I will be able to travel to different healthcare facilities and communities to provide healthcare services to patients and also educate them on maintaining health and wellness. In addition to being a travel nurse, I want to take up a leadership position in my institution. In line with this goal, I want to oversee nursing units, ensure that other nurses follow set protocols and procedures that uphold patient safety and high quality healthcare services. In my leadership role, I will also be responsible for aligning nursing unit’s goals with the institution’s overall strategic objectives. Overall, I want to be a leader who inspires and guides other nurses to be the best versions of themselves.

What are my objectives?

As a student having goals and objectives for myself will help me stay focused on improving my skills and being the best student I can be. As I look forward to joining the nursing department at St. Joseph’s college, I have identified two main goals that I want to achieve: becoming a travel nurse and leader. To achieve the aforementioned, I have identified several objective that will be my guiding force as I pursue my nursing degree. To become a travel nurse, I have to make an effort to excel in my clinicals. Nevertheless, I am aware that clinical goals and objectives vary from program to program. They also act as a great way to stay focused and monitor my progress. Some of the objective I have identified that are in line with my overall goal of being a travel nurse include; ensuring that I see a patient from intake to discharge so as to gain an understanding of the entirety of patient care. I will also need to improve my communication skills to interact effectively with patients, their family members and the entire interdisciplinary team responsible for patient care. Lastly, I will use all the resources available to me to improve on my leadership and interpersonal skills.

In conclusion, I am looking forward to getting an opportunity at St. Joseph’s College to pursue a nursing degree. I believe that this opportunity will be instrumental in helping me achieve my overall goals of being a travel nurse and nurse leader.

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College Application Essay Samples

College Application Essay

Writing a college application essay can be nerve-wracking, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s important to remember that you’re telling your story in an essay; the point is for the admissions committee to get a sense of who you are and what makes you unique. Start by looking at some common essay topics, such as why you want to attend the college you’re applying to, what your goals are, and what experiences have shaped who you are. Brainstorming is a great way to get your thoughts flowing so that you can generate some ideas for your essay. Once you’ve identified the topic of your essay, it’s time to do some research and brainstorming. Think about the things that have had an impact on you, such as influential people in your life, experiences you’ve encountered, and lessons you’ve learned. After doing some research and gathering your ideas together, it’s time to start writing. Start by outlining your essay so that you can make sure all of the points come together cohesively. Once you have a rough structure established, start writing. Be sure to include vivid details that illustrate why these experiences have been important to you and how they have impacted who you are today. As you write, be sure to use correct grammar and punctuation in order to create a polished essay. Finally, it’s time to edit your essay and make any necessary revisions before submitting it. Editing your essay can help catch any mistakes or areas that need to be improved, and ultimately make a stronger essay overall. With careful thought and attention to detail, you will have created an effective college application essay that will help you stand out from the other applicants.

College Application Essay Samples

Application Essay – University of Washington

Why Foster MSCM? Tell us what interests you about supply chain management. Explain why you want to pursue a graduate degree in SCM.

After extensive research and consultations, I firmly believe Michael G. Foster School of Business will equip me with the practical skills and knowledge required for one to succeed in the supply chain management profession.

            Effective supply chain management is an essential component for any business to succeed. Having the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience in supply chain management will enable me to have a more profound impact in the organizations that I will work for in the future. Thus, I firmly believe that the school will sharpen my skills in supply chain management.

For any business to achieve long-term success, it is imperative for it to have a proper supply chain management. The field consists of different components that touch on the different aspects of a business. Some of the areas where supply chain management is applied in an organization include customer service, cost control, protection of cultural development, and improvements on the quality of life for employees, customers, and community. As such, it is important for me to acquire additional skills and knowledge in supply chain management so that I can be able to transform the society. I pursued a degree in supply chain management in my undergraduate, thus it is my objective to increase my grasp of the profession. In addition, it is my goal to become a supply chain management professional who can affect businesses positively in the future. My immediate career goal, on completion of the postgraduate degree, is to become employed by multinational corporations such as Mars and Starbucks, which will ensure that I gain the relevant experience in supply chain management.

Additionally, my long-term goal is to start my own tea company in the future by leveraging the knowledge that I will acquire in the MSCM program and the experience that I wil acquired by working for a multinational corporation. . The community that I come from highly values tea. From a young age, I have grown seeing my close relativeness and neighbors consume tea. Tea is not only a beverage, but also a ritualized way of life. Therefore, my goal is to start a company that will manufacture high quality tea to increase the happiness of the community. Furthermore, I will also have a chance to impact the lives of people and families by creating employment opportunities and a market for the farmers involved in the cultivation of tea leaves. Therefore, with the graduate degree, I will have the expertise to manage the tea companies supply chain properly, which will increase the chances of its success.

  1. What is your impact?

With the knowledge that I acquired in the undergraduate degree in supply chain management, I have managed to have an impact on Lucky Farms, a company specializing in the supply of vegetables grown in Mexico to the United States. Equipped with this knowledge, I was able to change some aspects regarding the way the company operated, which had a profound effect on its growth and profitability. When I joined the company, it was experiencing reducing sales and increasing concerned by customers, especially those located in California. I took it as my personal responsibility to investigate why the company was experiencing these challenges in some markets, but also performing well in others.

By employing my knowledge and expertise in the field, I learnt that there were various logistical discrepancies in the company. For instance, the shipment of vegetables to California was by trucks, while for the other states it was done by air. One of the main implications of this discrepancy was that some of the customers ordering from California did not receive their goods in time, resulting in some not being fresh. As such, they were dissatisfied with the services of the company, and a considerable number requested for a refund. Therefore, I made the relevant recommendations to the company’s management, and their implementation resulted in improved performance. Therefore, with the knowledge that I had, I was able to have an impact on the company, its customers, and its employees since the recommendations that I offered Lucky Farm’s management resulted an improvement in customer satisfaction, increased demand for the company’s product, and improvements in profitability because of a reduction in refund requests.

Therefore, I firmly believe that with the MSCM, I will be able to impact companies, their employees, and their customers positively in the future. The knowledge and practical experience that I will acquire will enable me to offer better solutions to the companies that I will work for in the future, thus have a more positive impact on them and the society.

Thank you for your consideration and time, I eagerly await for your feedback regarding my application.

The Pennsylvania State University

The desire and commitment to finish everything that I start has been instrumental in the much that I have achieved thus far. I am ambitious, hardworking, and committed to success, which is the reason I want to obtain an advanced degree in supply chain management at Penn State to have more impact on the organizations that I will work for, and the world at large. I firmly believe that Pennsylvania State University will equip me with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the supply chain profession. Through the course, I will learn how to apply supply chain knowledge; hence, the ability to solve complex supply chain related problems. The course will help me in achieving my carrier goals by enhancing my knowledge in areas such as the design and management of effective supply chains, supply chain analytics, and analyzing the effects of supply chain on finance metrics.

I have substantial experience in supply management having interned at Lucky Farm, a company that specializes in the supply of vegetables grown in Mexico to the United States. While working at the company, I realized that there was much that needed to be improved in supply chain management, even in the United States. Interning at this company allowed me to have a better understanding of supply chain management, including how it benefits organizations when applied properly. For Lucky Farm, I was able to identify many areas that needed improvements and made recommendations to the management. For instance, there was a logistical discrepancy, whereby the company shipped vegetables to California via truck, while the shipment to the other states was by air. As such, there were many complaints and refund requests from the customers in the state. Therefore, I learned about the importance of effective supply chain management and how it affects different aspects of a business.

With the Master of Supply Chain Management (MSCM) degree from Penn State, I believe that I will be better positioned to accomplish my professional goals. My immediate career goal is to work with a multinational corporation such as Mars or Starbucks, where I will have a chance to contribute to their growth, while at the same time gaining hands-on experience in supply chain management in a multinational setting. Thus, with the MSCM, I will have a higher chance of working for either of the two corporations. Additionally, my intermediate career goal is to open a tea company in China. In the country, tea is a highly valued beverage. I have grown around a community that loves tea, thus I know what goes into making quality tealeaves. The MSCM will equip me with additional skills and knowledge regarding supply chain management, and coupled with the experience that I will have acquired, I will have a better chance of succeeding in the startup.

Moreover, I have extensively searched online, asked for recommendations, and I have eventually concluded that Penn State is a perfect fit for my requirements. Through classroom lessons and access to the research materials, the MSCM program that the university offers will equip me with the practical skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the supply chain profession.

I will highly appreciate a chance to pursue Penn State’s MSCM program. Besides, by accepting me into the program, you will have brought on board an ambitious and hardworking individual who is committed to excellence and success. I will serve as an ambassador for the university and its MSCM program on graduation.

Thank you for your time, I will be eagerly waiting for your feedback.



Application Essay – Merage School

I have heard great things about the UCI Paul Merage School of Business, which has made me develop an interest in pursuing my graduate degree at the institution. I strongly believe that education opens many doors in life, hence at UCI; I firmly believe that I will acquire the relevant knowledge, skills, and practical experience to succeed in the supply chain management profession. With the additional qualification, I will have a chance to change my community, including making some positive changes to the organizations that I will work for, and the tea company that I will establish I the future.

Currently, I hold an undergraduate degree in accounting. My transcripts and test scores are proof that I am committed to excellence and long-term success. Over the years, I have gained the relevant experience to understand how supply chain works, including the importance of analytics in making supply chain decisions. Hence, pursuing the advanced degree in business analytics will enhance my ability to make major changes in the supply chain of the organizations that I will work with, or even in my own company.

The reason for pursing the course is be able to have a better understanding of supply chain management, and implementing the best practices by leveraging on business analytics, considering its importance to the operations and profitability of a company. Furthermore, I also want to apply the learned skills in my future company, which will be specializing in the production of tea. Initially, the company will focus on China, but it will expand to other markets in the future. With the business analytics degree, I will have even more knowledge to make data-driven changes in organizations, which will complement my ability in supply chain management.

Before deciding to apply for The Merage School’s Master of Science in Business Analytics program, I conducted exhaustive research regarding the universities that offer advanced courses in the subject. I found that The Merage School was among the best. Therefore, the university is a perfect match for my requirements, and it is my hope that I will add value not only to myself, but also to the school by becoming its ambassador on completing my studies.

My immediate career goal is to work in the supply chain industry particularly in a company such as Starbucks or Mars, where I will have the chance to practice the concepts that I  have learned  in class, while at the same time increasing my experience in the profession. The concepts learned in the data analytics degree will highly complement my knowledge of supply chain concepts. My long-term career goal is to establish my tea company, and apply the knowledge, skills, and experience acquired over the years in making it a success. If the tea company succeeds, I will have the chance to employ people, thus changing their lives, while also making communities happier by providing a quality beverage.

Therefore, if you accept me in the program, you will have brought on board a hardworking and ambitious student who is committed to excellence and will become a strong ambassador for The Merage School. Thank you for your time. I am eagerly waiting for your feedback.



Application Essay – USC Marshall School of Business

Your Full Name
Mailing Address
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Admissions Representative’s Name
University of Southern California

Marshall School of Business
Street Address
City, State, and Zip Code

Dear …..


I am an ambitious, hardworking, and determined person who is committed to excellence and always ensure that I finish whatever I start. These traits of character have been instrumental to my success and ability to meet my personal expectations. I pursued an undergraduate degree in accounting, and I hope to accomplish more in the filed by pursuing a Master’s Degree in Supply Management to gain more knowledge and skills in the field.

My immediate career goal is to become employed by a multinational company such as Starbucks or Mars, where I will get the chance to apply my academic knowledge, while at the same time learning more about supply chain management. My intermediate career goal is to establish my own tea manufacturing company, which will enable me to contribute my community. With the right academic knowledge and the relevant experience in a multinational setting, I will have higher chances to succeed in the venture, thus able to make a positive and lasting impact on the society.

After extensive research and thought, I firmly believe that Marshall’s MSBA program is the ideal one to help me achieve my career goals. The world has become increasingly competitive and interconnected, hence the need for one to have superior skills in supply chain management. Through the MSBA program, I hope to acquire important knowledge and skills in supply chain to remain competitive. Furthermore, through the many academic resources that the school offers, I hope to acquire practical skills and understanding about proper supply chain management, in a business world that has become highly dynamic.

One of the skills that I have acquired through self-learning is how to judge the quality of tea. In my community, tea is not only a beverage, but also a ritualized way of life, and people value high quality tea. It took me around 3 to 4 months to learn how to judge the quality of good. I had to follow my uncle for those months to learn how to examine the shape of tealeaves and the color and smell of dry tea. The first step is to evaluate the shape of tealeaves. Although all leaves are slightly different in shape, the ones that are of the ideal quality are fat, firm, and have some oiliness. The second steps involves examining the aroma of dry tea, whereby, good dry tea does not smell too much, while inferior tea has a bit of burnt or sour smell. The third step involves soaking dry tea in water. Good tealeaves, after being heated and soaked in water, have a long-lasting scent that is warm and refreshing. Furthermore, the tea is clear and translucent, but if it is of inferior quality, the color is cloudy and it has floating impurities. The fourth step involves tasting, whereby good tea should be soft, mellow, and should not be irritating. If the tea is good, it will moisturize the mouth by stimulating saliva flow. The fifth step involves examining the bottom of the tea leaves, whereby quality should be judged based on the tenderness, integrity, and color of the bottom of the leaves.

Moreover, I have the relevant experience to understand the importance of supply chain management in enhancing the competitiveness of an organization. My internship at Lucky Farm, a company specializing in the supply of Asian vegetables grown on rented land in Mexico, enabled me to have a better understanding about the importance of supply chain management. While working for the company, I realized that even in the United States, improvements are needed in supply chain management. For instance, at Lucky Farm, I realized that there was a discrepancy whereby, while customers confirmed orders at the same time, shipment to California was only via trucks, while in other states it was by air. The logistical discrepancy was not only problematic in the picking, packaging, and distribution of vegetables, but also caused many refund requests from customers. The service was unsatisfactory because of inefficiencies in supply chain, which prompted many customers to request for replacement of products or full refunds. These elements were adversely affecting the profitability and growth of the company, particularly in the face of increasing competition. I made various recommendations to the company regarding how it can improve its supply chain. Therefore, I want to acquire more knowledge in the field to be able to offer better recommendations.

I will highly appreciate acceptance into the USC Marshall School of Business Master of Science in Global Supply Chain Management program, and I will be your ambassador upon graduation. Thank you for your time. I am eagerly waiting for your feedback.





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