Coalition Advocating for Healthcare Policies

Coalition Advocating for Healthcare Policies

three hundred word essay response to following questions, need 1 source cited in work.

Lcate a state(Florida) or national(USA) coalition advocating for your approved healthcare policy concern. Who are the coalition partners and is there an identified leader? Can you identify successes indicating strong leadership? What can you add to the content for your upcoming interview from the work of this coalition?

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***My approved healthcare policy concern is the increasing rate of diabetes and obesity in school aged children and ways to educate about diet/nutrition,



Coalition Advocating for Healthcare Policies

Based in Maitland, Florida, the American Diabetes Association educates the public on diabetes prevention measures and offers support to families and children living with diabetes. Florida is struggling to control the effects of diabetes among its residents {“American Diabetes Association”, 2019). Thousands of people are currently living with diabetes in Florida. One in every three children born in the United States is directly affected by diabetes. With this in mind, the American Diabetes Association works closely with over 565,000 volunteers who manage more than 540,000 individuals living with diabetes. Additionally, the association has a team of over 20,000 healthcare workers and over 400 staff members (“American Diabetes Association”, 2019). The board of directors forms the ultimate governing authority of the association. Led by the chair David Herrick, the board governs the organization’s legal, financial and ethical affairs ensuring stability and viability as per its mission. The organization has a staff leadership team led by the chief executive officer Tracey D. Brown, who oversees all employees and volunteers.


The American Diabetes Association enjoys corporate support from several companies both locally and internationally. The Banting Circle Elite recognizes the work done by the American Diabetes Association in developing medicines and devices designed to help children and adults living with diabetes. From its national strategic partners, the organization receives at least 400,000 USD to facilitate advertisements and run promotional materials (“American Diabetes Association”, 2019). The organization has also set up an information center that offers valid information about the organization’s programs and events. Additionally, the information center offers pamphlets on several diabetes topics; it also refers individuals to association-recognized providers in the region and assists individuals to connect with appropriate local resources to help fight diabetes. The American Diabetes Association also provides dietary advice to guide people with diabetes on what to eat and what to avoid. Likewise, the association runs a blog that handles topics ranging from insulin use to activities that children can engage in to reduce childhood obesity (“American Diabetes Association”, 2019). With the vision of living free of diabetes and a mission to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve overall life of all people living with diabetes, the American Diabetes Association strives to be resourceful to be able to help children and adults fight obesity and manage diabetes.



“American Diabetes Association”. (2019). Retrieved from

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