Top 100 Nursing Research Topics

Top 100 Nursing Research Topics for Your Paper

Research topics in nursing play a crucial role in advancing the field of nursing through evidence-based practice and innovative solutions. However, it is not uncommon for students in healthcare and medical colleges to feel disconnected from their creative side when tasked with writing nursing essays or research papers. The misconception that nursing research topics should be devoid of creativity is far from the truth. In fact, nursing research topics should inspire and ignite the creativity within students, allowing them to explore new perspectives and contribute to the growth of nursing knowledge.

Embracing creativity in nursing research topics is vital as it encourages students to think outside the box and develop innovative approaches to address healthcare challenges. By infusing creativity into their research, students can bring fresh insights and perspectives to complex nursing issues, paving the way for novel solutions and advancements in patient care.

When crafting successful quantitative nursing research topics, it is essential to strike a balance between innovation and measurable outcomes. Nursing research should not only explore new ideas and concepts but also provide tangible results that can be measured, analysed, and applied to improve patient outcomes. This combination of creativity and measurability ensures that nursing research remains both inspiring and impactful.

Even though we provide you with innovative ideas for your nursing research topics, you can only apply them if you already know the template for writing an acceptable nursing essay or nursing research paper. Therefore, this article also covers the right template for such essays briefly. Scouting for hot topics in nursing is not the easiest thing in the world. Nonetheless, we are here to help with nursing homework.

Choosing Nursing Research Paper Topics

The foundation for writing a good nursing paper is having high-quality nursing topics good enough for a nursing term paper. You shouldn’t be bothered about that if you are reading this article! We have provided you with 100 nursing paper topics for solid research.

Select topics that you are highly interested in, or that will be easier for you to complete. When other writers have done related works, the research is usually considerably easier. Addressing the challenges faced by other writers is a great place to start.

Best Research Topics in Nursing

Without further ado, let’s get to the researchable topics in nursing. For ease of sifting through these, the nursing research paper topics are subdivided into groups. Sit back and choose which of them interests you most!


Top 100 Nursing Research Topics

Research Topics for Nursing Students

  1. Causes and treatment of ADHD
  2. Vaccination and autism
  3. Antibiotic resistance in preschool children
  4. Eating disorders and their effects on social media
  5. Causes of seizures in infants
  6. Medical practices for teenagers
  7. Child obesity and healthy eating
  8. Psychological aspects of baby care
  9. Treatment of the acute coronary syndrome
  10. Obesity and weight management

Midwifery Topics for Nursing Research

  1. Various practices of pregnant mothers and child delivery in rural areas
  2. Prenatal designation: first analysis
  3. Causes of mental illness during the postpartum period
  4. Shifting midwives and study length: A review
  5. Self-taught equipment and training injuries
  6. The importance of midwives continuing treatment
  7. Pregnancy challenges to gain weight
  8. Analysis of labor efficiency
  9. Positive experiences with childbirth
  10. The best safety rules for pregnant women

Ethical Topics in Nursing

Here are some ethic topics in nursing for you!

  1. Examination of joint disease in the elderly
  2. Home treatment for patient support during chemotherapy
  3. Examination of atrial fibrillation
  4. Therapy for bladder cancer
  5. Cardiovascular risk reduction
  6. Intensive care requirements
  7. Geriatric ethics
  8. Stroke and cerebrovascular disease
  9. Restless legs syndrome
  10. Precautions for Parkinson’s Disease

Research Topics for Nurses for Women

  1. Treatment and prognosis for breast cancer
  2. Ethical rules for infertility
  3. Menopause Challenge
  4. Modern infant practices
  5. Analysis of ovarian disorders
  6. Preventive measures for women during menopause
  7. Reproductive endocrinology
  8. Sleep disorders in women
  9. Women’s sexual health disorders
  10. Causes of vaginal atrophy

Research Topics on Mental Health

  1. Causes of depression
  2. Alcohol addiction disorder
  3. Diagnosis of schizophrenia
  4. Bipolar disorder
  5. PTSD for U.S. Army veterans
  6. Police stress
  7. Teen aggression and video games
  8. Use of prohibited substances
  9. Psychiatric patient ethics
  10. Methods of recovery and damage to the body

Topics for Primary Health Care Research

  1. Recommendations based on primary care knowledge
  2. Ethics for data collection in primary health care
  3. An economic evaluation of primary health care
  4. Modern vaccination program in rural and remote areas
  5. The private sector in the mental health system
  6. Integration of childcare into basic medical care
  7. ER symptoms that cannot be explained medically
  8. The involvement of local pharmacists in the work of doctors
  9. Methods of assessing the quality of medical care
  10. Health financing strategy

Nursing Evidence Based Practice Topics

Evidence based practice is an important aspect of nursing science. Evidence Based Nursing Topics are very crucial for evidence-based research. Here are some evidence based practice nursing topics for you!

  1. Oxygen Use in Patients with COPD
  2. Measuring Blood Pressure Noninvasively in Children
  3. Intravenous Catheter Size and Blood Administration
  4. The historical perspectives on evidence-based nursing
  5. The ethical side of abortion care
  6. Adolescent education in gynaecology
  7. Preparations for caesarean section
  8. Rules for infant resuscitation
  9. Checklist for delivery list behaviour
  10. Recommendations for prenatal care

Nursing Capstone Project Topics

  1. Treatment of Arthritis
  2.  Bedside shift report implantation
  3.  Preventing and managing measures of diabetes
  4.  HPV awareness and vaccination
  5.  Visitation model review
  6.  Planning emergency measures
  7.  Optimizing of a phone app for patients who inflict self-harm
  8.  How ER patients are affected by colour
  9.  Emergency salary for nurses
  10.  Can emergency calls be easier?

Nursing Quality Improvement Topics

  1. The maximizing of patient outcome and cutting costs of improved management of fungal infection
  2.  Managing risk of the mortality rate of infant
  3.  Enhancing experiences of cancer patients with easy access to radiotherapy and multidisciplinary assessment
  4.  Employing electronic data in identifying problems of secondary care during weekends
  5.  Online guide or self-help for cancer and depressed teens

Controversial topics in nursing

Here are some controversial nursing topics for you!

  1. The clinical role of a nurse
  2.  Specialist in social work and the role of health promotion
  3.  Between career and professional service
  4.  Diversity of health services
  5.  Uniform code for nurses
  6.  Gender bias in the nursing profession
  7.  Shortage of men in health care
  8.  Legal apologies and medical decisions
  9.  Home medical services
  10.  Health contract restrictions

Paediatric Nursing Research Topics

Here are some paediatric nursing research topics for your research!

  1. Assessment of child behaviour in paediatric primary care
  2.  Ethics in paediatric care
  3.  Reasons why mother’s health may be under threat during childbirth
  4.  Child’s health insurance: right or privilege?
  5.  Evaluation of childbirth efficacy

So, there you have it! Top 100 Nursing Research Topics in nursing! These topics are just enough for any given niche in nursing you want to write about. Remember that there are accepted templates for writing acceptable research topics. Contact our to learn more. Off you go to writing for an A+ grade!

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