Legal and Ethical Considerations in Group Therapy


Legal and Ethical Considerations in Group Therapy

Considering the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA), the idea of discussing confidential information with a patient in front of an audience is probably quite foreign to you. However, in group and family therapy, this is precisely what the psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner does. In your role, learning how to provide this type of therapy within the limits of confidentiality is essential. For this Discussion, consider how limited confidentiality and other legal and ethical considerations might impact therapeutic approaches for clients in group and family therapy.


Post an explanation of how legal and ethical considerations for group and family therapy differ from those for individual therapy. Then, explain how these differences might impact your therapeutic approaches for clients in group and family therapy. Support your rationale with evidence-based literature.




Group and family therapy has developed different models. Overtime, therapeutic techniques such s triangulation and use of paradox have become essential in the practice. While individual therapy sessions also require some ethical and legal considerations, it is viewed that group therapy needs more experience (Sori & Hecker, 2015). The paper tries to develop an explanation on the differences between individual and group therapy in terms of legal and ethical considerations. In addition, it elucidates the impact of such differences in group therapy.

Individual vs. Group Therapy

In individual therapy, there is a higher level of confidentiality when compared to group therapy. In addition, clients in individual therapy are given more attention than those in group therapy. Therefore, the therapy is more patient-specific than in group therapy. Moreover, groups may allow unmotivated individuals to hide their concerns, thereby avoiding accountability. From another perspective, group therapy may not be appropriate to individuals who have social issues such s clients who are impulsive or antisocial (Blumer, Hertlein, & VandenBosch, 2015).


Impact on Group Therapy

The features for group therapy lead to an increased application of informed consent when providing therapeutic prescriptions. They also need high competence to practice during the sessions. In addition, it may need some arrangements for individual consultations to carter for individual needs of the clients. The practitioner also needs to offer high level of neutrality in order to address the issues without offending some members (Mittal et al., 2015).


In psychology, legal and ethical considerations are an essential aspect of the practice. Both individual and group therapies have different advantages. However, in terms of ethical and legal considerations, group therapy is more disadvantageous. Perceived inequities in the therapy need practitioners to arrange for groups with people having similar social characteristics or needs.

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