Liberals Hold the Moral High Ground

Liberals Hold the Moral High Ground

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Classical: Liberals Hold the Moral High Ground

The social and political opinions of individuals are pegged on the moral concerns that they have regarding what is either wrong or right (Day et al. 2014). Also, individuals want similar things from life and they include the desire for freedom, the chance for prosperity, good health, security, and crime-free society as well as the desire to have minimal suffering. The argument about the higher moral ground is mainly based on how to achieve these desires. The liberal and conservative philosophies lead to more than just outcomes and they influence the policy goals and national identities hence their role in enabling people to achieve the desires above. Liberals are concerned with aspects such as showing love and concern for the disadvantaged in the society as well as the poor and marginalized. They also advocate for fairness and hence seek to address the historical injustices that may have brought about inequality among the people living in the present day. Furthermore, liberals identify with generosity that expands beyond the culture of individuals as well as their backgrounds. On the other hand, the conservatives believe in ideals that are expected of individuals and they include patriotism as well as the respect of the people that have been placed in leadership or authority. In addition, they advocate for fairness and liberty. Consequently, with conservative thinking, individuals experience consequences or rewards for the actions that they choose to engage in. Also, conservatisms hold a deep respect for moral tradition as well as the state or quality of being holy of the religious institution, which is viewed as exhibiting ultimate importance and inviolability. In today’s political arena, which is characterized by being divisive and a society whose social and political opinions are pegged on moral concerns, the liberal side embodies the most cherished virtues by the nation and they hold the moral high ground.

This means that in accordance with the political parlance and ethical grounds, they uphold the status of remaining morally upright and remaining focused on attaining a universally accepted standard of goodness and justice (Yilmaz, & Saribay, 2017). It also means that the liberals have ideals and opinions that are not only sound but aim at ensuring that ethical concerns and morality is addressed in every possible way. Morality may be different in different places, or according to different cultures, but it is universally accepted as focusing on the wellbeing of the majority of people in a society. The belief systems that the liberals hold are ideal and support the goodness for all. Researchers of moral philosophy have established that morality is pegged on crucial issues, which include the idea of less or no harm, rights, and justice (Haidt and Graham, 2007). One important aspect that supports their moral ground is the education in terms of vouchers and charter schools. Children from different groups should all enjoy the right to education, which should be legally guaranteed to all members of a society without discrimination. Furthermore, various states are tasked with the obligation to protect respect and fulfill the right to education and be accountable for violations or deprivations.


Liberals hold that the students would best be educated in public schools and therefore the government should focus all their efforts on providing additional funds to improve the infrastructure of the schools and reducing the size of classes as well as salaries of the teachers. This means that the quality of education will be improved and many people will be able to get the chance to access it. In doing so, there will be a general conformation to the universal idea of morality, which entails justice and goodness for all. Although the conservatives also advocate for the right to education, there may be differences in how they view how quality education should be presented.

Conservatives advocate for School vouchers, which seeks to establish competition in the education system while still advocating for the use of private schools, which will be funded by the government in the school of choice of parents or students.  What the conservatives choose not to see is that this will bring about a divide of good schools and those that offer lower quality. The implication is that the more affluent people in society will be able to afford the competitive schools, which will be offering better quality of education, while the poor people’s children are left with the low quality ones. Going the liberal way means that the public schools, which are accessible to all people and especially the low income earners will be well equipped to benefit everyone.

Secondly, liberals hold a high moral ground in terms of healthcare, which should be available and accessible to all. It is said that health is better than wealth and therefore all Americans should be able to access universal healthcare irrespective of their background and financial ability. Liberals support this course by arguing for a free or low-cost government-controlled health care. This means that millions of Americans who are financially limited will still be able to access affordable healthcare. This belief supports the general good for many as compared to the conservative idea that advocates for a competitive healthcare system because it supports privatization. This means that only the people who can afford can access the best quality of healthcare leaving out the poor and marginalized people. This is another example of how the liberals hold higher moral ground by endorsing individual focused moral concerns that strive to offer fairness and compassion (Graham, Nosek, and Haidt, 2012).

Another issue is Homeland Security, which mainly involves airport security and especially passenger profiling. According to the conservative ideals, surveillance efforts should focus on 18-38-year-old Islamic or Muslim men and they should undergo extra security searches. The liberalists hold that this is offensive to these groups and that anyone can be a terrorist because it is not a religious issue but a moral issue. Therefore, they suggest that it is not right to use ethnicity as a discriminatory ground, but instead, passenger profiling should be random. This is because according to Sikorski, et al. (2017), the idea that all Muslims are terrorists is a misconception and it has been brought about by the state coverage by the media on the issue.

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Conservatives bring up arguments that attempt to attain a moral high ground and consequently seek to prove that their policies as well as actions are morally superior to that of the liberals. In terms of education, the conserve polices recommend the voucher system, which allows all parents to choose good private schools for their children, a move that is aimed at improving the competition and consequently the quality. However, the idea of voucher programs takes away money from the public schools system, which is more accessible to everyone. At the same time, families that want to take their children to private schools should be able to fund the costs so that they do not use up money that would instead be used by low income area public schools.

In many of the conservative policies, they seek to improve individuality, which tends to bring about selfish interests because of the rewards and consequences that are explained as being individual in nature. However, it is important to recognize that they care about the well-being of individuals. The difference is that they seek a competitive environment that is expected to improve the quality of various aspects of life such as education and healthcare. However, it is important to have the government take care of its citizens and prevent them from exploitation while at the same time ensuring that each of its members is able to access vital services such as healthcare and education, which is a policy supported by the liberals.

In conclusion, moral high ground is concerned with upholding the status of being morally upright and acting in accordance with universally recognized standards of justice and goodness. The liberal idea supports the good of a larger group of people through the arguments that it holds. For instance, in health, as well as in education, liberals support actions that will not only support the elite of the society but also incorporates other groups of people including the poor and the marginalized. This is because the liberals tend to have policies that seek to ensure that the government takes care of all its citizens and improve the public domain. A large number of people utilize the public services and especially individuals from low income earning situations. This means that when there is competition and they have to choose an option, they will remain with the public services, which will be underfunded as a result of the conservative policies that seek to fund them even in private facilities such as schools and hospitals. The conservatisms fail to hold the moral high ground mainly because their ideas are based on offering competition among the people. Competition may be beneficial in some case because it leads to development and improvement in infrastructure of some of the key facilities such as schools and hospitals. However, it does not allow for all people to benefit, and the implication is that those that may not be able to afford will be forced to use the lower quality services.



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