Personal Leadership Development Plan

Personal Leadership Development Plan

Unit outcomes addressed in this Assignment:

  • Design a personal leadership development plan.

Course outcomes addressed in this Assignment:

  • PU550-4:Create a personal leadership development plan.


In this scenarioyou have recently been hired at a healthcare organization. Your hiring manager has asked you to assess your leadership skills and develop a personal leadership development plan based on areas that need improvement.

  • Complete the Tier 3 Competency Assessment to determine how prepared you are to meet the requirements of a public health leader.
  • After completing the Assessment, copy and paste the “Your Results” section from the Assessment to the Assignment 9 Submission Template.
  • Develop a comprehensive plan for improving in the three areas with the lowest score.



  • Tier 3 Competency Assessment Completed.
  • Results section from Tier 3 Competency Assessment copied and pasted into Unit 9 Assignment Submission Template Section I.
  • Section II Table completed – table includes three strategies or trainings to support development in areas of improvement.
  • 500–800 word summary of personal leadership development plan.



Unit 9 Assignment




Domain Average Total
Analytical/Assessment Skills 3.1
Policy Development/Program Planning Skills 2.9
Communication Skills 3.4
Cultural Competency Skills 3.0
Community Dimensions of Practice Skills 2.8
Public Health Sciences Skills 2.8
Financial Planning and Management Skills 3.4
Leadership and Systems Thinking 2.5





Area for Improvement Strategy/Training 1 Strategy/Training 2 Strategy/Training 3
Leadership and System Thinking Skills Conference

Online training


Public Health Sciences Skills Conference



Community Dimensions Skills Online training







Personal Leadership Development Plan


A personal leadership development plan is viewed to help one to define and direct his or her career goals.  In healthcare, this plan helps one to achieve better satisfaction in practice. It also improves the organization’s operations (Baron, 2016).  Reflection of my leadership skills reveals that m knowledgeable in many areas.  After doing the competence assessment tier, I have realized that I need to improve my skills in three areas. The paper develops a plan that is focused on improving my leadership and system thinking, public health sciences, and community dimensions skills.


Leadership and System Thinking Development

From my assessment, the areas that need much focus in this domain include collaboration with individuals, creating opportunities to organizations, and interacting with systems. To improve my leadership and system thinking skills, I need to attend a workshop. While this training program is short, I view that it is suitable in developing my skills. Moreover, I view that workshops usually involve professionals who can focus on individual needs. Secondly, I would like to engage in online training. This approach needs much dedication as online lessons may occur during inconvenient hours. In addition, I also need to attend a conference. The conference will be held by a business organization. However, the attained leadership skills will be applied in my profession. The training period for this aspect will take two months (Bellack & Thibault, 2016).

Public Health Sciences Improvement

As a healthcare practitioner, some of the most important skills are public health sciences skills. They are essential in improving my professionalism at the workplace.  The assessment has depicted that the areas which need more focus in this domain include explanations of prominent events, applying public health sciences in organization management, and explanations of evidence. I will attend a workshop which aligns with public health issues. Moreover, I would need to engage in conferences because they will take a longer. Lastly, I would like to attend lectures.  Since I have much focus in this domain, I will employ many strategies. For instance, I will engage note taking, active listening, and asking questions to get clarifications in areas of difficulty. The training period for this aspect will take three months.

Community Dimensions

Community dimension skills are important in helping a practitioner work well in a community setting (Dong et al., 2017). My area of focus is in understanding suitable ways of enabling community inputs to be used in improving healthcare policies and programs. In this area, I need to engage in online training.  I find this approach to be suitable because most of the issues about the current society are found online. Workshops will also be suitable in understanding various issues in this domain. However, since workshops take a short period, I will also attend some lectures on community health issues. This dimension needs about a month to improve on my skills (Fernandez et al., 2015).


Leadership training is a common occurrence in healthcare organizations. The plan tries to reveal that competence in healthcare is very important. Moreover, it tries to reveal that improvement in various skills needs multiple strategies or training elements. The training is predicted to take about three months to complete. I believe that my chosen strategies and training will improve my leadership skills.



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