Trends and Best Practices in “Best Hospitals”

Trends and Best Practices in “Best Hospitals”

I have attached the peer posts below that need to be responded too.

Alittle Background:

It is important for health care leaders to be aware of industry trends and best practices that might impact their organizations. By strategically implementing these trends and best practices, organizations can improve patient health outcomes and remain competitive within the industry. For this Discussion, you examine the trends and best practices hospitals implement for organizational excellence, information technology, and informatics.

Response 1

Hi Latisa,

I enjoyed reading your post. The use of information technology has revolutionized the healthcare sector. IT has helped the healthcare sector to ensure quality healthcare delivery, increased patient safety, decreased medical errors as well as strengthening the interactions of between healthcare providers as well as between healthcare providers and patients. In addition, IT has enabled the development of system for healthcare record that is reliable and affordable which is paramount for quality healthcare delivery. The use of information technology in the healthcare sector has improved the quality of healthcare that is delivered by providing accurate patient records and allows doctors to better understand the patient’s medical history. Having a comprehensive patient history empowers doctors to more accurately treat ailments (Campione, Mardon & McDonald, 2018). Without the use of technology that keeps medical records, physicians would depend on the patient’s memory, which can lead to inaccurate medical history.


Campione, J., Mardon, R., & McDonald, K. (2018). Patient Safety Culture, Health Information Technology Implementation, and Medical Office Problems That Could Lead to Diagnostic Error. Journal of Patient Safety, 1. doi: 10.1097/pts.0000000000000531


Response 2

Hi Tyler,

I agree with you that Mayo Clinic has been able to incorporated operational excellence in its culture. By doing so, the hospital is able to identify problems in its systems and processes, and encourage and empower its staff to develop and implement solutions that address the root causes of the problems. This kind of system helps in ensuring continuous improvement within the hospital. In addition, technology’s role in the hospital has expanded exponentially due to technological advancements. The hospitals are now able to store, share and analyze health information by the use of technology. The use of technology increases provider capabilities and patient access while improving the quality of life the patients (Marcotte et al, 2015). Nowadays, physicians are able to help patients remotely and accurately diagnose a patient’s problems through telemedicine. Thus, technology has greatly to impacted the healthcare industry and the society as a whole.


Marcotte, L., Kirtane, J., Lynn, J., & McKethan, A. (2015). Integrating Health Information Technology to Achieve Seamless Care Transitions. Journal of Patient Safety11(4), 185-190. doi: 10.1097/pts.0000000000000077



Week 8 Discussion: Trends and Best Practices in “Best Hospitals”

Peer 1

Latisa McConico,

According to the 2019 U.S. News & World Report, the NYU Langone Hospital in New York, NY is ranked No. 9 on the Best Hospital Honor Roll. The facility ranks #14 in adult specialties and rated high performing in 1 adult specialty and 9 procedures and conditions. The NYU Langone Hospital is a general medical and surgical facility. NYU Langone Medical Center’s main facility in Manhattan is Tisch Hospital. Tisch hospital, formerly named University Hospital , was established in 1963 at its current site (U.S. News, 2019).

The hospital was founded in 1882 as New York Postgraduate Hospital and merged with New York University Medical Center in 1948 (U.S. News, 2019). NYU Langone Health has received the global Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Enterprise Nicholas E. Davies Award of Excellence for healthcare technology innovations that improve patient outcomes. NYU views technology as a critical element in connecting their patients and providers, and transforming care (NYU Langone, 2017).

Health IT has been foundational to their organizational success as they were the first and only health system in the state of New York to achieve inpatient and outpatient “Stage 7” electronic medical record adoption status recognized by HIMSS Analytics, which represents the highest level of electronic health record implementation and data analytics to improve care, as measured by the Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model. Clinical, IT, and operational leaders from NYU Longone presented case studies demonstrating the institution’s strategic use of health IT to improve patient outcomes. The organization showcased the value-based management (VBM) program, paperless registration, and the Total Joint Replacement Bundled Payment Care Initiative which uses IT systems to help in coordinating a patient’s care before,after, and during elective surgery to replace knee and hip joints (NYU Langone, 2017).

Trends and Best Practices in “Best Hospitals”


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Peer 2

Tyler Hill,

The number one hospital from the “best hospital report” is Mayo Clinic based in Rochester, Minnesota.  Mayo clinic owns 19 hospitals  with 57 research centers.  The variety of this health care organization leads this facility to be considered the best hospital report.  In order to be ranked as best hospital, the organization must be excelling in care for the sickest patients and must be skilled for inpatient care (Mayo Clinic, 2019).  Also, death rates provide a ranking and gives insights to potential patients.  Being a best hospital does not mean that it excels in all other services provided.  Some hospitals have higher ranking in other specialties versus other hospitals


The Mayo Clinic does well with within their financial report.  In 2018, the total current assets were 2,427 and total current liabilities in 2,281 in millions (Mayo Clinic, 2018).  This constitute as a best hospital as well because there are more assets than liabilities, which allows money to provide services and equipment for the patients without being in debt.  There are certain  trends to become the best practice hospital, which is to implement operational excellence, information technology and health care informatics.  The implementation  of health information technology improves the quality of health care, prevents medical errors and reduce health care cost (Shahi, Sadoughi & Ahmadi, 2015).  This improves the operations of health care because it cuts out a lot of middle man activity and allows patients to connect with physicians online.  Operational excellence is only implemented gradually and starts by addressing staff practices and analyzing leadership behaviors (Bach, 2017).  Healthcare informatics informs the facility of their numbers and what they should improve on. Taking a gradual action to these three practices will assist the hospital with becoming ranked for the best hospital reports.


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