Short answers essay questions – filters

Short answers essay questions –  filters

Important: 100-150 words for every question even those within a question (for example if two questions within the same # question = 300 words)

Please refer to the video to answer the questions… link enclosed.


1- Which of the five filter’s do you find to be the most important to you considering your own experience following news about politics, society, or culture? Support your answer with examples from your own experience.

2- The video discusses Chomsky’s and Herman’s five filter theory.  What are theories 4 and 5? What does the speaker say about them in relation to the video title “How not to spot fake news”?

FYI: No title page/heading need it.




Question one

Among the five filters, the filter that I find the most important and relevant to my own experience when I am watching news in the fear of the other or anti-communism. Every day, news is filled with stories about terrorism, drug-related crime and war. From op-eds to long form stories, I am constantly warned about coming epidemics, plagues and crises in the health, energy and agriculture industries. After watching such news, I end up feeling like the world is getting worse. Gone are the days when I would turn on the news to be informed straightforwardly on important issues in my community and in other parts of the world. Currently, watching news is a psychologically risky pursuit that undermines my mental health. I feel like Fear-based news is slowly replacing fair and balanced news.

Short answers essay questions – filters

Question two

Theories four and five of the five filter theory talk about flak and fear of the other or anti-communism. Flak is seen when a news feature tries to challenge power and its margins. When journalists speak the truth about powerful people, they get flak. Additionally, when the stories run by journalists or whistleblowers attack powerful people and try to expose them, the flak machine is activated and the stories and sources are discredited. The stories are trashed to divert the conversation away from the issue being highlighted. According to the video, the more flak a story gets, the higher the probability that it is real. People in power will not spend time and resources discrediting fake stories. The main agenda behind creating flak is to dilute the story by discrediting the information contained in it. The video concludes by warning consumers to avoid buying into the flak.


On the other hand, fear of the other creates a target or an enemy. A common enemy or the bogeyman should be feared. This filter acts as a mobilizing factor against an enemy such as terrorism and war. According to the video, media has the power to create a common enemy and when the public is afraid they are more likely to respect authority. Both legitimate and fake news rely on fear to keep people glued to their TV and thus help these media stations generate revenue. The video further warns the population to be skeptical of news that makes them fearful and leaves them uniformed. Despite the fact that a news article illicit feelings of fear, it does not necessarily imply that it is fake. It could probably be exaggerated or told in the heat of the moment.

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