Peer Review – Classical Argument

Peer Review – Classical Argument

Please answer the questioner attached in regards to the essay that is also attached. Just need the questions answers, no title heading page needed. Thanks!

FYI: please look out for a specific required word count on some of the questions and please comply to it or I would not get the credit for it. Thanks,



Peer Edit of 1302 Essay


After reading the entire paper, you will follow the checklist below. Do not just check things off the list though; be sure to fill out suggestions at the bottom of each section.

Students who have not filled out the sheet or added elaborate comments to each section will not receive credit for peer-review session.


  1. Does the essay have a title that relates to what the writer is talking about?__yes_____
  2. Is the title properly punctuated-12 point Times New Roman? Is it centered and not underlined? _yes______
  3. Is the essay typed and double-spaced, in Times New Roman? ___yes______
  4. Does the essay include an MLA heading and header? ___yes______
  5. In general, does the paper look uniform and orderly? ___yes_____

Peer Review – Classical Argument

In the space below, suggest one thing to make the format better:

The format is okay and it follows the rules stipulated for MLA writing

Introduction and Narration:

  1. Does the introduction include discussion of both sides of the argument? ___yes____
  2. Does the narration provide discussion of BOTH sides equally? _____yes____
  3. After the intro information, does the author provide a clear thesis? __yes______
  4. Write the thesis statement below:

This is essay is an attempt to show that the question asked is flawed and liberals do not hold the moral high ground, at last in this context

In the space below, suggest one thing to make the introduction better:

The introduction looks good. However, it could be improved by offering more descriptions of the term “moral high ground” as is described by scholars and offer citation.


Body paragraphs:

  1. Do the body paragraphs support a clear claim? __yes____
  2. Does each body paragraph have a topic sentence that illustrates the focus of the paragraph? ___yes____
  3. Does each body paragraph include at least one quotation? All paragraphs have quotations
  4. Are quotations analyzed—does the writer try to discuss why the quotes are important? ____yes_____
  5. Are quotations parenthetically documented with in-text citation? ___yes_____
  6. Is each paragraph fully developed so that a convincing position is analyzed? Not fully but they have been discussed
  7. Does each body paragraph have more of the writer’s words than quotes? ­­__yes_____
  8. In general, can you understand the purpose of each paragraph as it relates to the argument?__yes___

Peer Review – Classical Argument

In the space below suggest one thing to make the body paragraphs better: __________________________________________________________________________________________the paragraphs would be improved if there is more information about the quotes in relation to what other authors or scholars have written about the topic.

Essay as a whole:

  1. Is the essay free of major grammatical errors and misspelled words? __there are some typos in the essay___
  2. Is the language of the essay clear and easy to read? ___yes____
  3. Are simple, compound, and complex sentences used in the essay? __yes_____
  4. Is the essay free of run-ons and/or fragments? ­­___yes___
  5. Is the essay free of contractions? ­­__yes____
  6. Does the essay use correct punctuation? ____yes__
  7. Is the writer avoiding informal language like: “nowadays” “back then” “till” “for the fact that”? __yes___


In the space below, suggest one thing to make the essay better:

The essay could be improved by providing more arguments and citations as well as increasing its length to offer a more valid conclusion. In addition, the essay is not complete and completing it will make it better.

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Discuss any unanswered questions that you have and write ONE suggestion to the writer to improve the paper. (For example, does the writer spend TOO much time summarizing or retelling the argument and not ENOUGH time analyzing? If this was the case, suggest a way to improve this issue.)Your response below must be at least 200 words.


The essay, although well written and following most of the rules, is not complete. There is no indication that it has concluded and there is missing information in statements such as “cite here” as seen in the essay. In addition, there is a way the writer could summarize some words so that they could be fewer and pave way for more room to discuss the question at hand. For instance, in the second paragraph, the writer says, “It is totally possible for liberals to hold the moral high ground as much as it is possible for conservatives to hold the moral high ground.” This could simply be summarized as “both conservatives and liberals could hold the moral high ground.” The third paragraph seems to leave question marks on the reader. This is because the author writes about the lexicons that have been used by the liberals and even provides the meanings. However, the writer does not bring out the role that the lexicons play in the arguments made or in the essay. The writer could have put more emphasis on the role of those words as this would have made the reader understand why they were used in the first place, and what importance they play.

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