Management Information Systems – Assignment 08

Management Information Systems – Assignment 08

Be sure to save an electronic copy of your answer before submitting it to Ashworth College for grading. Unless otherwise stated, answer in complete sentences, and be sure to use correct English, spelling, and grammar. Sources must be cited in APA format. Your response should be four (4) double‐spaced pages; refer to the “Format Requirementsʺ page for specific format requirements.


  1. Provide a clear description of an enterprise system and describe how it works.


  1. Discuss at least three (3) ways an enterprise system can provide value for a company.


  1. Discuss the importance of development and integration of information systems in project management.



  1. Provide a clear description of an enterprise system and describe how it works.

An enterprise system is the cross-functional information system which assists in providing organizational coordination in the operations process. Similarly, it also enhances the integration of key business processes which facilitate to plan resources of an organization. Therefore, it is essential to understand that with the help of an enterprise system, the operational activities can be managed flawlessly across the company (Teece, 2018). The involved business processes which can be enhanced consist of sales, manufacturing, logistics, production and human resources. Substantially, these processes can also be integrated into organization vast business operations to improve the profitability.


The enterprise system works from a driven software suited with a set of integrated modules of software with a conventional centralized database. Further, the software modules are useful in supporting the fundamental business processes which are under different functional areas. These modules also ensure the database stores the data and even feeds them into various applications which can support the essential internal business activities (Teece, 2018). The implementation of these enterprise systems requires the organizations to determine the business process which needs to be automated. The following aspect will entail the mapping processes to the provided business processes by the system. Additionally, these activities require a lot of effort because sometimes these systems are not able to support the way organizations work. Therefore, in such cases, the software will be re-customized to meet the requirements of the organizations (Sedera, Lokuge, Grover, Sarker & Sarker, 2016). Otherwise, it would affect the performance of the organization by compromising the information and process for integration in a different department. As a result, obtaining the maximum benefit from a developed enterprise system needs proper planning for software developed (Appelbaum, Kogan, Vasarhelyi, & Yan, 2017). The focus on the organization needs to change the working process to support the operational activities in the company.

Management Information Systems – Assignment 08

  1. Discuss at least three (3) ways an enterprise system can provide value for a company

The enterprise system has become the most critical resources for organizations in the business world. This is because it describes the facet of the modern enterprise, which includes the customer service to operations security and social media practices. In the contemporary world, the development f innovation has improved the efficiency of company operations in different ways. Substantially this has been made possible through the provision of solutions to improve their workflow and customer services (Appelbaum, Kogan, Vasarhelyi, & Yan, 2017). There are various ways in which an enterprise system can provide value to a company. Storing business data in a usable format is one of the ways it brings value to the company. The data stored in a usable form is crucial in improving customer experience through compelling analysis. The aim is to measure, manage as well as executing the essential decision to enhance the efficiency of the operations. For instance, the data which can be stored may entail the customer history on the orders made and how long they may be processed.

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The ability for a company to retrieve these types of information to answer the requirements of the customers reflects on the customer satisfaction. The other value in which an enterprise system may provide is the obtain real-time access to information. The business world is often changing, and therefore, this may take time to retrieve data of these systems are not implemented on time. Therefore, accessing real-time information on business operations is useful to improve the efficiency in the long term (Teece, 2018). Lastly, the enterprise systems are also crucial in reducing the cost of doing business. The companies can have more of their budgets to improve on different departments and become more profitable. For instance, the inventory control can be maintained by keeping a significant amount of stock as well as servicing customers on time.

  1. Discuss the importance of development and integration of information systems in project management.

The development of the information system in project management is necessary for collecting information, classifying them as well as communicating for the success of the objectives. Besides, it is essential to understand that project management may be a complicated task in a company because it requires the involvement of all the departments in an organization. There are various importance of the development and integration of information system in project management, which needs to be put into consideration (Hornstein, 2015). One of the importance is to assist in the management of available resources to complete the project. The focus of this is to understand the predetermined time and organize the activities by utilizing the limited resources to achieve the primary goal.

Management Information Systems – Assignment 08

Similarly, development and integration of information system in project management assistance in improving the level of communication. The establishment of efficient communication is crucial to understand the flow of work in different departments of the company (Hornstein, 2015). As a result, this may assist in solving problems that are not defined accordingly within different channels in the organization. Nonetheless, the development and integration of information can assist in the reduction of costs of operations. Such charges may consist of transaction processing, hardware and software maintenance as well as support staff such as in managing supplies of goods.




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