Descriptive Statistics


Descriptive Statistics

There is often the requirement to evaluate descriptive statistics for data within the organization or for health care information. Every year the National Cancer Institute collects and publishes data based on patient demographics. Understanding differences between the groups based upon the collected data often informs health care professionals towards research, treatment options, or patient education.

Using the data on the “National Cancer Institute Data” Excel spreadsheet, calculate the descriptive statistics indicated below for each of the Race/Ethnicity groups. Refer to your textbook and the Topic Materials, as needed, for assistance in with creating Excel formulas.

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Provide the following descriptive statistics:

  1. Measures of Central Tendency: Mean, Median, and Mode
  2. Measures of Variation: Variance, Standard Deviation, and Range (a formula is not needed for Range).
  3. Once the data is calculated, provide a 150-250 word analysis of the descriptive statistics on the spreadsheet. This should include differences and health outcomes between groups.



Descriptive Statistics

            Mean shows that the diagnosis among the blacks, including the Hispanics with a value of 70.07 per 100,000 people, is the highest, while lowest among the Hispanic with a value of 31.50. The mean presents the average of the diagnosis starting from 2000 up to 2015. Additionally, one can also see that the median value is highest for the blacks, with a value of 71.4. However, it is lowest is among Hispanics since it is 32.1. On the other hand, mode is not derived in all of the groups. However, for the Asians and Pacific Islanders, Hispanic, and whites, the modes are 36.6, 34.1, and 65.8 respectively. The other groups does not have a value that appears repeatedly.


The variance is another element that reveals some details regarding the figures. The variance is highest among the blacks, which tends to indicate that the data points are intensely spread out from one another and from the mean. On the other hand, it is lowest among the Asians and Pacific Islanders, which indicates that data points are relatively close to each other and to the mean.  Similarly, the standard deviation is lowest among Asians/Pacific Islanders, which implies that data points are close to the mean. On the other hand, it is highest among blacks, which indicates that data points are largely spread out.



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