Personal Philosophy

Personal Philosophy

Assignment description:  Write a brief essay 1 – 2 pages (250-500 words) that articulates your philosophy of nursing, informs your practice, and describes your beliefs about your role as a nurse.

Use the following guide for writing a personal philosophy of nursing (adapted from Box 3-2 found on page 116 of your text) to describe how you operationalize your vision when working as a nurse.  Use the first person “I” instead of “the writer”, reflect on personal views and include an introduction and conclusion.

Be sure to review the Personal Philosophy Grading rubric to guide your Essay.


  1. Introduction
  2. Who are you?
  3. In what setting do you practice nursing?


  1. Define nursing
  2. What is nursing?
  3. Why does nursing exist?
  4. Why do you practice nursing?


  1. What are your assumptions and/or underlying beliefs about?
  2. Nurses?
  3. Patients?
  4. Other health care providers?
  5. Communities?


  1. Define your ideas about the major domains of nursing and provide examples about
  2. Person
  3. Health
  4. Environment


  1. Summary
  2. How are the domains connected?
  3. What is your vision of nursing for the future?
  4. What are the challenges you face as a nurse?
  5. What are your goals for professional development?


Paper will follow APA format with title page, headings and appropriate in text citations.  Reference page properly documented as per APA format (Total 3-4 pages including the title page, 1-2 pages of the body, and reference page).




Personal Philosophy


I am a nursing student who graduated from Queensborough Community College’s School of Nursing.  I migrated from Nigeria where I worked as a teacher. I love working with the geriatric population because of the many challenges that the aging population face without assistance.  Home aid nursing inspired me to pursue a nursing profession because my first job here in the United States involved assisting the elderly perform ADL (Activities of daily living) to ensure they live a quality and healthy life. Therefore, I am now pursing my BSN that hopefully will enable me to ensure I advance my career and gain more knowledge on quality improvement and evidence-based research in a complex health care environment.

Definition of Nursing

Nursing is a critical part of the health care system, and it is defined as the art and science in assessing patients to ensure patients receive best quality care including health promotion, prevention of illness, and care of ill patients (Wilson et al. 2016).  Nursing exists to ensure better population health in society. Nurses care for patients through assessing their responses and help them conduct activities, which can lead to health care recovery and positive health outcomes. Thus, nursing exists to ensure planning, implementation, and evaluation of health care to prevent illnesses and promote health.

I practice nursing because I wanted to do a course that is more challenging, interesting and promotes people’s lives. Through a nursing profession, I will be able to deal with critical aspects patients care. Patients require support of nurses to help them receive favorable outcomes. As a nurse I will also help patients battle diseases, regain strengths, and regain a source of happiness in their lives.  Therefore, taking care of people makes me happy because it benefits society.


Assumptions and Beliefs associated with Nursing

Nursing has a humanistic approach, and it is influenced by both perception and personality, which influence nurse’s feelings and thinking when providing care. Nursing comes with anxieties and fear that nurse’s experience and how nurses are supposed to give words of encouragement and a comforting smile even if patients are in critical conditions.

Being a patient means their mind is encapsulated, and they face various emotions that impact their health. Patient’s beliefs often influence their adherence and care, which negatively impacts their health outcomes. Besides, having a good relationship among nurses help to achieve higher quality outcomes (Wilson et al. 2016). As a form of partnership, it increases health care delivery and quality of health care. Working with a community as a nurse provides a valuable experience. Nurses must provide holistic and patient-centered care to ensure positive health outcome in society.

The Major Domains of Nursing

The main domains in nursing include person, environment, health, and nursing (McCormack & McCance, 2016).  The person involves the people who receive care from health care practitioners. This involves patients who need care or family of the patients. Health is considered a state of wellbeing which improves people’s value and quality of life. Therefore, it means the quality of health instead of life to ensure maximum satisfaction level. The environment requires a favorable and healthy place, which affects the mental and physical health of an individual.  Besides, it involves the relationship with the nurses or the family during the provision of care. Nursing defines how nurses can apply their skills and knowledge during patients care. It includes nurse’s attributes during health care delivery.

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The main nursing objective is to care for patients in integrative profession professional way domain functions including the person, the environment, and health, and nursing. These domains influence the delivery of health care services such as the application of nursing skills and knowledge, delivery of quality health, and achievement of positive health outcomes (McCormack & McCance, 2016).  My vision in nursing is to promote population health by providing more holistic and comprehensive care to patients. Besides I aim to become a leader in nursing to ensure health care practitioners impact patients health and quality of life. The significant challenges I face as a nurse includes cultural competence because it is challenging to understand patient’s cultures since it influences treatment plans, nurse-patient relationship, and adherence to medications. Learning skill set to increase cultural competency help patients to understand the pan of care (Wilson et al. 2016).  Finally, my primary goal is to focus on professional development to achieve academic excellence before becoming a registered nurse. Besides, I hope to fulfill all ethical codes in nursing to ensure I deliver more quality and holistic care to patients.


Wilson, L., Mendes, I. A. C., Klopper, H., Catrambone, C., Al‐Maaitah, R., Norton, M. E., & Hill, M. (2016). ‘Global health and ‘global nursing’: Proposed definitions from The Global Advisory Panel on the Future of Nursing. Journal of Advanced Nursing72(7), 1529-1540. Doi:10.1192/bjp.6.34.481

McCormack, B., & McCance, T. (Eds.). (2016). Person-centered practice in nursing and health care: theory and practice. John Wiley & Sons.



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