Organizational development

Organizational development

Respond to at least two of your colleagues’ postings and continue the Discussion through Day 7. Expand on this Discussion by providing additional insights or alternative perspectives to colleagues who were assigned different scenarios than you. For example, if you were assigned Scenario 1, respond to colleagues who were assigned Scenario 2 and Scenario 3.



Discussion Peer Responses

Organizational development is focused on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of a workplace. As part of this process, strategic planning professionals often work with leadership teams to develop strategies for short-term and long-term organizational development, including workforce planning and succession planning. This helps ensure that health care organizations recruit, train, and retain employees that are capable of meeting strategic objectives. For this Discussion, examine the following scenarios and suggest strategies for organizational development, workforce planning, and succession planning.

Scenario 1: Park Post-Acute Care Services has been providing quality nursing home and home health services for 70 years in rural Texas. It is a family-owned business that has been passed down through the generations to family members eager to provide service to citizens in the community. About three years ago, the leadership team created a five-year strategic plan in anticipation of some members of the leadership team retiring after fully accomplishing the plan. The remaining members committed to serving as chief executives of larger health care organizations. However, the strategic plan failed to include a succession plan for identifying talented professionals who will be able to lead the organization after the long-standing leadership team of 15 years vacate their positions in two years.


Week 6: Scenario 1/Abigail

An acute care services providing care in rural Texas is family-owned and recently, the some of the senior leadership is preparing for retirement.  The rest of the senior leadership is prepared to continue with their administrative duties, but there are currently no plans for succession once the other administrators retire.

There are strategies for the short and long-term organizational development and succession planning for this Texas acute care service.  The short-term strategy for the administrators is to list the responsibilities of those retiring.  Perhaps a sub-committee can be formed to create a more formalized job description.  For example, if one of the retiring administrators has been responsible with finances, then the specific tasks can also be listed such as preparation of annual budget, management of supply and demands of the facility while maintaining the budget, etc (Harvard Business Publishing, 2009).


The long-term strategy to assist with this issue is to either use the same sub-committee or a different sub-committee to initiate recruitment.  Advertising and marketing of the positions is vital to attract the appropriate people in the roles.  Recruitment can take months to years to complete, especially for administrative roles (Rahardjo, S., 2014).

Having short and long-term strategy plans are necessary to achieve goals.  It also takes significant amount of meetings to ensure that all key players are engaged are aware of the same goals.

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Leadership succession planning is imperative to any organization for the continuity of the vision set by the management. It is therefore important to ensure leadership development among the new generations that would take over the management. Leadership development is the main component of training and preparing individuals to managerial positions (Ellinger et al, 2014). Succession planning should begin with a review of the organizational’ s strategic plan. This would enable the management to create a career ladder and identify key positions that would require succession plans. In addition, before making plans for external recruitments, it is important to consider the existing employees. Therefore, the employee profiles including their education and talents should be identified. The goals of the identified employees should align with the short term and long-term goals of the organization.


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Organizational development


Scenario 2: Whitesville Medical Center has been providing quality patient care in Louisiana for over 100 years. However, during the last five years, the organization has experienced significant turnover in middle management positions in the Housekeeping Department. In fact, the average tenure of a middle manager is only six months, and there is a current vacancy in the day and evening shifts. Because of the unstable management team, no one has been able to hold supervisors accountable for facilitating appropriate orientation of new staff, ongoing training of the seasoned employees, and routine audits of the employees’ performance. Unfortunately, the breakdown in management oversight has led to a lack of employee training in cleaning and sanitizing patient rooms, surgical suites, and public areas including the restrooms and waiting areas. The lack of cleanliness and sanitation has led to an outbreak of nosocomial infections impacting several patients and causing them to remain in the hospital for a longer period of time. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and the Joint Commission have received anonymous tips about this outbreak and have sent survey teams to conduct unannounced visits at the facility, which could lead to fines until the issue is fully resolved by the medical center.


Wk6 Discussion/ Jacquelyne Atakora 

Whitesville Medical Center has been providing patient care in Louisiana for over 100 years, but in the past five years they have had serious problems with management and has experienced significant turnover. Management is the foundation of any medical center, and because of the breakdown in management has led to lack of training in employees. The lack of cleanliness has led to an outbreak of nosocomial infections, causing longer patient stays and unannounced visits to the facility.  One-way productivity of quality care could be measure is through employee and patients’ surveys. Patients could be asked to fill out surveys at the end of their visits online or at the office to see what they thought about their physician. Employees could fill out self-assessments on how they personally felt their visits with patients are going. This could help with productivity by giving operations insight on how they could better train incoming employees and on what patients want from their physicians. Adding accounts on sites like yelp and google by allowing patients to leave reviews could also help evaluate productivity. Since patient satisfaction is a main goal, why not let patients tell you what they need from their provider. Six Sigma was developed in the 1980s and has been used to define quality strategies for many organizations. General Electric is one of the many companies who have gained much success using the Six Sigma methodology. The focus us on “eliminating defects through removal of variance in business systems” (McLaughlin & Olsen, 2017). The Six Sigma is an infrastructure that is hierarchical with all employees as the foundation. Using this system could create some organization and a better foundation for new employees. If the system is organized, employees will be more satisfied in their positions, thus decreasing turnover rates. Using benchmarking or “comparison of internal data to those of outside organizations for purposes of evaluating an organization’s performance”, will allow Whitesville to look within their organization as compared to others and see what tactics other organizations are using to gain success.


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High healthcare employee turnover is a major challenge in the healthcare sector. Rising healthcare employee turnover not only impacts healthcare provider, but it also impacts on the patient outcomes (Collini, Guidroz & Perez, 2015). Hospitals require a skilled, reliable and stable workforce to provide effective and continuous patient care. Healthcare organizations should address the main drivers of healthcare employee turnover to ensure their operations and patient outcomes are not negatively impacted employees leaving the organization. Managers at healthcare organizations should understand the needs of their employees to prevent voluntary turnover. Conducting regular performance recognition and feedback discussions in addition to annual performance evaluations are key to ensure employee retention. Receiving employee feedback is also critical to lowering turnover rates. Managers should understand how employees receive and perceive feedback. Employees should have communication channels available to provide suggestions regarding the organization, their individual jobs, and how their decisions impact their work.


Collini, S., Guidroz, A., & Perez, L. (2015). Turnover in health care: the mediating effects of employee engagement. Journal Of Nursing Management23(2), 169-178. doi: 10.1111/jonm.12109




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