Marketing and the Health Care System

Marketing and the Health Care System

Select a health care provided with which you are familiar and write a four to six (4-6) page paper in which you:  Determine the direct impact of marketing for the health care provider you selected.  Outline a strategy for the health care provider you selected to determine the utilization of its products or services.  Outline a marketing strategy for the health care provider you selected.  Recommend at least three (3) separate ways the health care provider you selected could shape the buying decisions of its customers.  Provide at least three (3) qualified sources, e.g., peer-reviewed journals, professional organization Website, or health care provider Websites.  Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:  This course requires use of new Strayer Writing Standards (SWS). The format is different than other Strayer University courses. Please take a moment to review the SWS documentation for details.  Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow SWS or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.  Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.



Healthcare and Marketing


Marketing has become an essential aspect of healthcare facilities in the recent past. Although the concept is crucial, it is still challenging for facilities, especially when trying to understand the impact of their strategies to the targeted market. It is viewed that marketing is not only about reviewing the purchasing behavior of customers. It involves understanding their behavior in their daily habits. In that regard, the application of educational techniques has become an important aspect of healthcare marketing.  The pharmaceutical industry is viewed to entail customers who make informed decisions when choosing healthcare products. This aspect makes the facilities in the sector to employ effective tactics to enhance their sustainability (Yaaminidevi, 2014). The paper tries to evaluate the direct impact of marketing strategies for Handa Pharmaceuticals, California. In addition, it provides a strategy for utilization of its products and ways to improve customer buying decisions.

Direct Impact of Marketing

Handa Pharmaceuticals needs to develop different marketing strategies for its products. Since the targeted market for the firm’s products is considered to be educated, the firm needs to engage in branding services for its drugs. This act can lead to an increase in product sales. Moreover, there may be an improved customer loyalty to the firm’s products. This perspective shows that the firm’s marketing strategies may try to provide a positive impact. From another perspective, it can be viewed that the firm can employ integrated marketing communication. This move may lead to improved advertisement used by the facility. As a result, more people may become aware of the firm’s brand. Therefore, more people will come to the facility for its products due to an increased awareness (Yaaminidevi, 2014).

Marketing and the Health Care System

The facility may also engage in corporate social responsibility. This aspect involves engagement in actions focusing on the well-being of the community and general society. Some of the efforts involved in this act may include the reduction of its product’s price when a client has been diagnosed. Marketing may provide important information to the customers, thereby saving time that would be used to explain to them at the facility.  In addition, the practice will provide customers with vital information on reliable products that may improve their health. Due to the existence of competition in the pharmaceutical industry, marketing will have a significant impact on the customers because there will be an increased awareness of its products (Sana & Panda, 2015).

Strategy for Utilization of Products

Understanding of how the customers utilize the organization’s products is essential for the management. This aspect will enable the facility to develop a suitable strategy to meet the customers’ needs.  A suitable strategy for evaluating customer utilization of the firm’s products is the analysis of customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is opined to be  the perceived value and response towards a product or service. Customer satisfaction in the healthcare industry is focused on the level at which the expectations of a client are fulfilled by the product or service. Therefore, improving customer satisfaction can be opined to be an essential aspect in gaining customer loyalty and improving their desire to buy a firm’s products (Williams et al., 2018).

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Analysis of customer satisfaction may be obtained by studying the records of the firm’s marketing department. The records are opined to provide information on different channels of advertising used, the number of customers that bought the product, and the frequency of purchases done by the market. This feature will enable the management to get a clue of whether the customers were satisfied with the product or not. Another technique to understand customer satisfaction may be the engagement of a marketing research to understand the purchasing trends of the customers. The research may also be used to interview the customers to gain their opinion on how the products meet their needs. Online interaction with the customers on the facility’s website may also be utilized to understand customer satisfaction of the firm’s products (Williams et al., 2018).

Marketing and the Health Care System

Suitable Marketing Strategy

Different marketing strategies may be essential for the organization. However, social media marketing is the most appropriate technique for the marketing of its products. This strategy involves the use of social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook for marketing. It is considered to be one of the latest tactics for promoting healthcare products and services. The technique is suitable because there is advancement in the use of personal computers and smartphones by the targeted market. This feature tries to depict that social media marketing may enable the facility to reach a wider audience (Yaaminidevi, 2014).

It is opined that the targeted market tries to make informed decisions due to its educational level. This aspect shows that the market needs a platform where an interaction between the market and the facility can be enhanced. Through the development of social media pages and groups, the organization can be able to clarify various issues associated with its products.  It can be opined that the connection developed by this type of promotion is suitable in making most of the people in the targeted market to be aware of the organization’s services (Yaaminidevi, 2014).

Ways to Shape Buying Decisions

Since the potential customers for the company’s products are observed to be educated, they need tactical ways to sway their decisions. The following ways are recommended for the firm:-

Use of a reliable communication technique:  Without a suitable communication technique, the marketing process may not be successful. The targeted customers are observed to be formal workers in various sectors. Therefore, it is postulated that most of them will be busy during the week days. In that regard, marketing of the products will require short posts that are straight to the point. This aspect will help save time for the consumers (Yaaminidevi, 2014).


Development of a suitable brand image:  A suitable branding of the firm’s products will act as a sign of confidence for their usage. With a good brand, customers will have positive perceptions of the product’s quality. In addition, the brand will be held in the consumer’s memory and affect his or her overall impression. Since a brand is difficult to be imitated, it will be helpful in maintaining customers who can relate with it. Therefore, the goal of branding for the product will be to develop a consistent perception of the product, hence swaying the consumers’ purchasing patterns (Sana & Panda, 2015).

Use of Pricing Techniques:  The prices of healthcare products are a significant factor in determining purchasing habits. Customers tend to buy products that they perceive are affordable. Therefore, it is essential to develop a pricing technique that may say the customer’s decision regarding the medical products. A suitable way is by reducing the prices to be lower than its competitors’. This feature will improve on customer loyalty, thereby maintaining the firm’s sustainability in the industry (Sana & Panda, 2015).

Marketing and the Health Care System


Marketing is revealed to be an essential issue in the healthcare industry. The pare tries to reveal that a firm can improve on its sales through suitable marketing techniques In the case of the firm, the paper reveals that social media marketing is suitable because of the increase in the usage of smartphones and personal computers. Apart from the marketing strategy, ways such as branding, suitable communication, and pricing techniques are viewed to sway the purchasing patterns of the customers.



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