Major Regulatory Restrictions on NP Practice

Major Regulatory Restrictions on NP Practice

Use the provided template to compare and contrast the three major regulatory practice models for NPs: Supervisory, Collaborative, and Independent. Please keep this assignment in the template format provided. This Assignment requires credible and up to date resources for each category. Include in each model at least one state that represents the scope of practice you are discussing. For example, Florida requires a supervisory relationship with a physician along with a practice agreement, formulary, and protocols. In order to apply and receive a DEA license to prescribe controlled substances, you must be approved by the state you are practicing in to prescribe these medications. I have chosen three states , I think they are in the right place.




Major Regulatory Restrictions on NP Practice

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Topic Supervisory Practice Collaborative Practice Independent Practice
List the name of a State that is representative of each regulatory model. Texas Louisiana Colorado
Evaluate how each model affects the NPs scope of practice? (include, if applicable, the use of protocols, formulary, written agreements, direct versus indirect supervision, referral policy, patient care, review of medical documentation, and payment reimbursement. Supervisory practices in Texas restrict NPs from providing certain primary care services. Using this model, regulatory bodies limit the scope in which NPs can operate in regarding the nature of services offered.





The existing laws in Louisiana require a Collaborative Practice Agreement (CPA) with a physician before providing health services. The agreement indicates collaboration with other healthcare disciplines



The independent practice model seeks to ensure that health providers practice effectively. No collaboration agreements or supervision is required (Hain & Fleck, 2014). Through this, the state allows assigned nursing agencies to control the quality of services independently.
How does model of practice serve as a barrier to access to care? The supervisory practice model proves to be challenging for NPs. This is mostly the case, for licensed practice, which limits providers’ delivery despite their qualifications (AANP, 2016). The model limits the providers’ capabilities and chances for providing proper care to patients suffering from acute illnesses. For the independent practice, providers are free to serve in their areas of specialization, with no limitations (Hain & Fleck, 2014).
Compare/contrast the prescriptive privileges of each model and example State The restrictions in Texas limit the operations of NPs, hence reducing the chances of providing services such as drug prescription. Unlike Texas, Louisiana only allows NPs to undertake practices that are described in their licenses, as well as maintaining constant collaboration among the NPs. In Colorado, though, NPs are given freedom to prescribe drugs with minimum supervision, compared to Texas.
Compare/ Contrast how each model impacts payer status for the NP NPs in Texas operate in healthcare centers and assume a role of employees. For Louisiana, NPs are subject to strict policies regarding payer levels, as one is only allowed to undertake licensed activities. NPs use independent models but are compensated based on their qualification levels.
Compare/Contrast how these models may impact NP job satisfaction. Regarding job satisfaction, the supervisory model comes with many restrictions that limit NPs, and does not motivate them (Hain  & Fleck, 2014). The model provides an average satisfaction rate for NPs since it has fewer challenges (AANP, 2016). Job satisfaction for this model is higher since NPs have more freedom that is not provided y the other models.
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