Criteria for Impeaching the President

Criteria for Impeaching the President

Please submit a paper that summarizes (in your own words) the “You are the Policymaker” feature titled “What Should be the Criteria for Impeaching the President?” and then give your opinion; what would you do if you were the policymaker? It must be a minimum of one page in length, typed and double-spaced.

FYI: (professor’s instructions)

Do not use outside sources. Do not quote from the book; I want you to paraphrase the feature (put it into your own words) so I can see that you understand the feature. The papers are to be doublespaced, Times New Roman, size 12 font. The papers must be at least one page in length.



What Should be the Criteria for Impeaching the President?

The article “What Should be the Criteria for Impeaching the President?” basically talks about the sex scandal that broke in 1998 between the then President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. The article notes how President Clinton tried to obstruct justice when he was questioned about the affair with Lewinsky. President Clinton, as noted in the article, president Lewinsky to lie under oath. The President could not be put on trial because of his position and therefore the only way to be help accountable was through the House of Representatives as well as the senate where he faced a possible impeachment. An investigation report by an independent counsel recommended that the president should face 11 counts of possible impeachment offences. The president was accused of braking the law, betraying public trust and dishonoring the presidency.

President Clinton was forced to apologize to the nation. He, through the White House, argued that the mistake affected his personal life and not that of the presidency. The white house also accused the investigator of having personal vendetta against the president.


The issue on whether the scandal had reached the threshold that could lead to the president’s impeachment then arose. An offense should be grave in order for it to be used to impeach a president. The case of President Clinton is compared to that of President Richard Nixon who was charged with obstructing justice, abusing power and failing to comply with congressional subpoenas. When enough evidence was gathered Nixon resigned in order to avoid being impeached. His impeachment majorly failed because of how the legislatures voted on party lines.

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If I was a policy make, I could not have voted to impeach the president. This is because, while it is true that the president did a mistake by obstructing justice, he accepted the mistake and apologized. In addition, I do not think that his affair with Lewinsky affected his duties as a president in any way. I would consider the affair as a personal life and look at what he has been able to achieve through his presidency. I also do not think the case reaches the threshold for impeachment. The investigations by the legislature might not tell the truth of the matter and that is why the White House rejected the recommendation. Therefore, impeaching President Clinton could not have been the best solution for this case. I would therefore vote to retain President Clinton as the president.




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