An Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

An Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

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A short Introduction = About APRN


Post a comparison of at least two APRN board of nursing regulations in your state/region with those of at least one other state/region = Example is California state and Texas


Describe how they may differ. Be specific and provide examples. = At least 3-4


Then, explain how the regulations you selected may apply to Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) who have legal authority to practice within the full scope of their education and experience.


Provide at least one example of how APRNs may adhere to the two regulations you selected.

Reference page at Least three sources


This is a discussion

No tittle pages.

No running heads.

This a Masters level class

APA Format with intext citation

Required to use the reading resources, no outside resources for this one.


Ø  Comparison of Board of Nursing Regulations between (California state and Texas)


Ø  How they may Differ (include examples) 

Ø  How do the Regulations Apply to Advanced Practice Registered Nurses?


Ø  Example of how APRNs May adhere to the Two Regulations



An Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

An Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) is a registered nurse with clinical competencies, complex decision-making skills, and expert knowledge critical for expanded practice (NCSBN, 2019).  APRNs can take more complex case works and have more discretion and independence than RNs.

The APRN board of nursing regulations in both California and Texas are similar in both the certification process and the application process. The states require nurses to verify their certification through clinical competency and experience in delivery of health care services (, 20191;, 20192). The certification process is also determined through education and a certification exam as determined by the certification agency. The application process in both states is the same as the application forms are got online from the board website (, 20191;, 20192). The evidence of current certification and eligibility would also be required.


The legislations also differ in both California and Texas. For example, the education requirements for APRNs in Texas are conducted at the master’s level or higher, and the programs must be nationally accredited by the board of nursing or an accrediting agency (, 20191). In California, the education requirement includes completing an approved California’s education programs recognized by the Board or an equivalent program through an accepted organization (, 20192).  The renewal requirements in both states also differ. For example, in Texas, APRN must have to maintain national certification, and there must be active practice and continuing education (, 20191). However, in California, the renewal requirements do not involve continuous education. Instead renewal is automatic and may require payment of additional fees (, 20192) Finally, Out-of-state nurses without licensing in California can apply and become temporary APRNs, but such nurses cannot work in Texas by submitting endorsement RN applications.

The legislations selected apply to APRNs because they must attain all education, certification, application and renewal requirements to work in respective states. The legislations are important in providing a clear understanding of APRNs scope of practice based on the state regulatory agencies (Milstead & Short, 2019).

APRNs need to adhere to both the educational requirements and certification requirements by doing approved programs by the Board of nurses or other nationally accredited by recognized accrediting agencies (ANA, 2017). The education requirements will help during the certification process since it must be consistent with education and other basics for certification exams.



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