Week 6: Short Answers

Week 6: Short Answers

Please answer the following questions in regards to the attached article.  Note: no title page needed only the answers for the questions.


  • 100 – 150 words required for each question answer, including each question within each question. (example two questions within a question = 200-300 words required total)
  • Question #2: requires 200-word count


1- What primary appeal (ethos. Pathos, logos) is the author using? Do you believe use of the appeal is convincing to his intended audience?  Provide an example from the text to support and explain your answer.  Also do you see any rhetorical fallacies the author is using?

2- What is your response (in 200 words) to the author’s position. Agree or disagree? Explain.



Week 6: Short Answers

  1. What primary appeal (ethos, Pathos, logos) is the author using? Do you believe use of the appeal is convincing to his intended audience?

The primary appeal that the author uses is the logos. Logos is also called the appeal to logic. It is where an author persuades the audience or readers using concrete reasons, facts or even figures. The author thus, looks at what the audience or readers can take as making sense and uses that to build his or her argument. The author does not make blanket statement but uses evidence rather than emotions. The writer presents the evidence is a way that the audience or the writer will understand well. In the reading, the author makes use of evidence in presenting his argument.

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I believe that the use of logos in the essay makes it more convincing to the readers although the author could have used credible sources in the essay. The author makes use of the logos appeal to persuade the audience to acknowledge that mass shootings are rare and consequently, it is irrational to live in fear of them. He seeks to encourage the audience that phobia of mass shootings is perpetrated by the media who should instead focus on other things that can cause death such as chocking. However, the appeal is not convincing because the sources cited are not credible. For instance, the author cites “according to a commonly cited chart” instead of providing credible sources that will support the argument.


The author makes use of a number of rhetorical fallacies in the essay. For instance, the author claims that “You are three times as likely to die of choking on food than be in a mass shooting”. The author does not make sound reasoning in such an argument among many others. He just makes such argument in order to appeal to the audience. All over the paper, the author makes several arguments that are meant to appeal to the reader while they may not be supported by credible facts. The author does not give room to the reader to make their own minds about an argument but rather seems to convince them to accept his own view.

Week 6: Short Answers

  1. What is your response (in 200 words) to the author’s position? Agree or disagree? Explain.

I disagree with the author that people should not be afraid of mass shootings because there are many other reasons to die. Apart from chocking, there are several other accidents that can take place, which is true but should not prevent someone from having a phobia of something because it is rare. Mass shootings are a major issue and the biggest problem is that one can be caught up at any point. Also, although they are rare, mass shootings result in the death of several people at the same time hence it is normal for an individual to have the phobia of mass shootings. Also, it is appropriate for individuals to be aware of the issue so that they can have information on how best they can save themselves from the situation. This is because there are first aid principles that would be applicable in case one has an issue such as choking. The same can be applied in a mass shooting situation and people, who feel like they have the phobia, can have a strategy and gain a better understanding of how to save their lives. Therefore, the individuals are justified to fear mass shootings, contrary to what the author brings up. Secondly, the media can focus on it, even as it focuses on other issues.


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