Vargas family-Narrative Therapy

Vargas family-Narrative Therapy

Identify one member of the Vargas family whose dominant story could use some rewriting. Read the workshop notes on Reauthoring Conversations.

Part 1: In 250-300 words, write a counseling note for the client’s file. In this note, describe any exceptions to the problem that you have identified and develop scaffolding questions to ask the client in your next session, one in their landscape of action and one in their landscape of identity.

Part 2: Put yourself in the client’s shoes and, as the client, write a reauthoring version of their story that is 500-750 words in length. It should incorporate the exceptions and responses to the scaffolding questions from Part 1. Use narrative language when applying this reauthoring technique.

While APA style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. Refer to the directions in the Student Success Center.

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Vargas Family Case Study: Narrative Therapy

Part 1

Counseling note

Patient’s name: Elizabeth Vargas

Type of session: family session

Date: 17th September 2019

The progress of the patient since the last session: the patient seems agitated and concerned about everybody else in the family but herself. The patient reports progress in the family’s weekly soccer matches. She reports seeing Bob Vargas more and Frank’s behavior is improving. Today, she reports that her father in-law and mother in-law Linda and Tim, are affecting their grandson’s drug use treatment process. She specifically requested for the entire family including Linda and Tim, to come for this session.

Observations about the patient: the patient looks tired and a bit disheveled. Her eyes are red and her cheeks are flushed indicating that she has been crying. She is always on time for the family sessions but complaints when other family members are late.

Vargas family-Narrative Therapy

Review of action items: the patient reports that the family has been hosting the weekly soccer matches as directed. She also notes that Frank and Heidi are getting along much better. However, she confesses to not enjoying the soccer matches. She does not like outdoor activities.

Session Description: the family session involves the entire family including Linda and Tim. The main issue in question is Geoff’s near drug overdose and how his father’s death has affected him. Elizabeth further states that Linda and Tim are not helping the situation by giving their opinions about what should be done. Elizabeth also thinks that Linda should not have called Geoff’s school therapist since she was not his mother. Linda disagrees and tells Elizabeth that she knows what is best for her grandson. This sentiment angers Elizabeth who asks to leave the session.

Main Issue of the session: The main issue is Geoff’s drug overdose and the resulting effect on the family.


Scaffolding Questions

Landscape of action question: do you think Geoff’s father’s death resulted in Geoff taking drugs and finally overdosing?

Landscape of identity question: what if Linda and Tim stopped trying to help Geoff control his grief, will this help him become better and hopefully stop using drugs?

Vargas family-Narrative Therapy

Part 2

Thank you very much for agreeing to see the entire family. I am concerned about my nephew Geoff and his recent drug use. Geoff has been moody and has also been performing poorly in school. We thought that this change in behavior was due to his father’s death. Therefore, we did not pay any extra attention to it seeing that everyone handles grief differently. However, Geoff was recently rushed to the hospital after a near overdose. I think that Geoff’s father’s death resulted in him taking drugs and nearly overdosing. Since that day, our family has been in a crisis. Linda decided to call Geoff’s school therapist to find out more about Geoff’s behavior but was turned down. Tim on the other hand, despite his good intentions, is making matters worse. He took Geoff out for camping against Katie’s wishes. I believe that Linda and Tim’s involvement is not helping Geoff. Linda being headstrong is already telling Katie about her disappointing encounter with the school therapist. This in turn forced Katie to contact the school therapist who informed her that she was not ethically allowed to disclose Geoff’s information to Linda since she has to maintain the patient’s confidentiality. In addition to informing Katie about the therapist’s encounter, Linda continued to offer alternatives and interventions she believes will help Geoff. I think Linda’s influence and persuasive nature has convinced Katie to disregard the therapist’s advice of helping Geoff forget his grief. If Linda and Tim stopped trying to help Geoff control his grief, he would be able to stop taking drugs.

Vargas family-Narrative Therapy

I called you earlier to request you to see our family including my father-in law and mother-in law because I am familiar with you and I have seen tremendous changes in my family more specifically, in Frank. I have been struggling with taking care of Frank and his special needs for a while now. Bob has not made it any easier for me. He thinks that I am exaggerating everything. He still thinks that Frank is just being a boy. I am getting frustrated by his comments when all I want is for our family to get better. Since our last visit, we have been meeting up at the local park and playing football for at least an hour a day. I personally do not like outdoor activities but I have found the football matches beneficial for the entire family. For example, last Wednesday, we divided ourselves into two teams and for the first time, Frank requested to be paired with Heidi and not with Bob. Normally, Frank is aggressive towards Heidi and often physically pushes her around. Overall, I appreciate our sessions as a family and by including Linda and Tim; I foresee tremendous progress in our future.


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