The Case of Animal Sacrifices

The Case of Animal Sacrifices 

Write a paper that summarizes (in your own words) the “You are the Judge” feature from chapter 4 titled “The Case of Animal Sacrifices” (pg. 96) and then give your opinion; what would you do if you were the judge? It must be a minimum of one page in length, typed and double-spaced.

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The article talks about the church of Lukumi Babalu Aye, a church in Florida whose religious practices differ from others such as the pure traditionalists and the Catholics. The church is devoted to spirits although the process involves iconography of the catholic saints because they also have catholic symbols and practices. This element makes it be categorized as having a religion that is a fuse of modern and traditional religious beliefs. One major characteristic of this religion is that they are devoted to Santeria, which involves the sacrifice of living animals to their Gods. They carry out these sacrifices at different parts of an individual’s life such as in rituals performed when an individual is born and when they marry as well as during death. Also, the sacrifice is made during other rituals such as cleansing ceremonies for curing the sick among others. The animals are sacrificed, cooked and eaten. However, their activities are not appreciated by the city of Hialeah, which sought to ban all forms of animal sacrifices under the argument that it was cruel. The santerians, however, feel discriminated because they are a religious minority. They argue that other forms of killing animals are legal and hence their actions should not be viewed as different.



The santerians have a right to sacrifice animals in their religious rituals if the rituals are carried out under the legal aspects of ritual slaughter as is seen with Muslims and Jews. Because other rituals are accepted and the city allows certain activities such as having some animals like lobsters boiled alive, it then becomes a double standard to infringe on the practices of others. Therefore, the church of Lukumi Babalu Aye should be allowed to carry out their religious rituals and have their festivities whenever they should and they should not be targeted or attacked simply because they are a religious minority.

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