The Nurse Staffing Standards and Quality Care Act

The Nurse Staffing Standards and Quality Care Act

  • Review the Congress website provided in the Resources and identify one recent (within the past 5 years) proposed health policy.
  • Review the health policy you identified and reflect on the background and development of this health policy.

Post: Please follow This instruction.

  •       This is a discussion
  •       No tittle pages.
  •       No running heads.
  •       This is a Masters level class
  •       APA Format with intext citation

Required to use the reading resources AT LEAST TWO. Outside resources should be peer review Articles.

Tittle: Evidence Base in Design

Short Introduction with purpose statement



ü  Post a description of the health policy you selected and a brief background for the problem or issue being addressed.

ü  Explain whether you believe there is an evidence base to support the proposed policy and explain why.

ü  Be specific and provide examples.

Conclusion/ Summary

Reference list in (APA FORMAT)



The Nurse Staffing Standards for Hospital Patient Safety and Quality Care Act

The Nurse Staffing Standards for Hospital Patient Safety and Quality Act consider that adequate nurse staffing is important in provision of care, preventing adverse events, and improving patient’s outcomes (Congress.Gov, 2019). The bill develops requirements for nurse-to-patient staffing, provides whistleblower protections, and licensed practices for nurses.

The enactment of the bill will ensure healthcare institutions develop and implement staffing requirements that meet the nurse-to-patient staffing plans and ensure patient safety and quality care (Congress.Gov, 2019). Besides, the enactment of the bill will ensure there are enough direct care registered nurses in the operating room, emergency unit, telemetry units, acute care psychiatric care units, postpartum units, well-baby nursery, and during declared emergency (Schakowsky & Brown, 2017).


The policy is evidence based since hospitals will be needed to improve their plans for staffing, and get involved in re-evaluation of staffing plans (Milstead & Short, 2019). According to Kouatly, Nassar, Nizam, and Badr (2018), patients are more likely to survive when the health care institution follows the mandated patient-nurse ratio. This means that the link between patient-nurse ratios is critical in provision of quality and holistic care. Besides, considering patient-nurse ratio reduces burnout among nurses, which ensure the provision of quality care. For example, the operating room cannot exceed one nurse for each patient. In the psychiatric ward, the nurse to patient ration should be about one nurse for every six patients and in the emergency and pediatric units, there should be about one nurse for every four patients (Schakowsky & Brown, 2017).  However, nurses have the ethical and legal obligation to refuse an assignment if it places the patient’s life at risk (Olley, Edwards, Avery, and Cooper, 2019). Thus, increasing above the required minimums would ensure patients’ needs and care is achieved. Organizations that do not comply need to face civil monetary penalties as the best corrective action.



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Quality Care Act of 2017. Congress.

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Staffing Standards for Hospital Patient Safety and Quality Care Act.


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