The Future of Nursing

The Future of Nursing

1. A two-page (500-word) paper that summarizes recommended changes for the future of nursing


a. Research the future of nursing.


What is meant by the future of nursing? Think about a topic of your choice that includes cultural implications. Describe the topic and include any references and citations you may have used.


b. Identify the major recommendations.


Identify two or three of the major strategies/recommendations for the future of nursing.


c. Explain key terms.


Describe how cultural sensitivity, cultural competency, and interprofessional collaboration could be addressed in the proposed changes.



The Future of Nursing

The future of nursing refers to how the nursing profession will be like in the years to come. For instance, the United States is currently focusing on improving nursing education to provide affordable, quality, and seamless care that can be easily accessed by all people(Institute of Medicine (US), 2011). The future of nursing is expected to provide improved and evidence-based care that will result in quality patient outcome. In the world today, challenges in healthcare have increased dramatically. Nursing still cares for patients relating to the education they attained in the 20th century. However, the training offered in the 20th century is not adequate in the 21st century when dealing with current health realities (Institute of Medicine (US), 2011). Patient care and needs environment have drastically become complex, and therefore, nurses need to acquire more education to improve their competencies to deliver high-quality care.


Major Recommendations

Nurses should give care by utilizing their full training and education. Some nurses do not practice their full professional knowledge when providing care to the patients, which in turn reduces the quality of the patient outcome. Nurses should attain high education through an education system that is up to date to enhance seamless academic development. Also, nurses should incorporate inter-professional collaboration with other health professionals such as physicians to redesign healthcare sector.

Cultural sensitivity and competency must be considered for the proposed changes and recommendations to be effective. In cultural sensitivity, nurses should care for all the patients without discrimination. Nurses should understand and accept that cultural similarities and differences exist (Giger, 2016). Nurses should, therefore, enhance cultural competency by delivering healthcare services that are in line with the cultural and social values of the patients. Besides, inter-professional collaboration is one of the critical factors that can be utilized to meet the recommendations. Nurses should work as a team with other professions to enhance the sharing of knowledge and experience that can help improve the quality of care in the healthcare sector.

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