The 6Cs of Nursing

The 6Cs of Nursing


Nurses are indispensable to the NHS in the country of England. They are the healthcare industry’s backbone, performing a variety of roles on every day of their lives. As it turns out, it’s no surprise that they outnumber all other types of healthcare professionals. Nurses operate on six core values, commonly referred to as the “6 C’s.”  The ‘6Cs of Nursing’ are a set of key principles and expectations developed by NHS England Chief Nursing Officer Jane Cummings and were first laid out in December 2012 but continue to be relevant today. These core values encapsulate the essence of nursing practice, shaping the way nurses approach patient care and interact with individuals, families, and communities. Nurses who live by these values ensure that the job is done effectively and efficiently, and that patients are safe and well-cared for. The 6Cs of Nursing

  1. Care

Care is the obvious first among the 6 Cs of nursing — it’s the core principle of the nursing practice. Care is best understood as whatever techniques, therapies, or treatments nurses use to support a patient’s healing.

The concept of care is multifaceted; care includes a variety of interventions, such as helping a patient bathe, monitoring a patient after a surgical procedure, or simply listening and responding to the concerns of the patient and their family. Nurses of all levels connect to patients through the care they provide. The 6Cs of Nursing

  1. Compassion

The concept of compassion stems from the empathy nurses feel toward others. Nurses must understand how a patient feels, but the defining element of compassion is the desire to lessen the patient’s distress. Compassion takes deliberate thought on the part of the nurse, and it should be at the heart of each and every patient interaction.

  1. Competence

As you probably already know, nurses must remain up to date on the latest evidence and knowledge surrounding nursing practice. It is very important for each nurse to regularly assess their knowledge base and take steps to improve it. Meeting your state’s continuing education requirements for nurses helps keep you at the top of your can help you find courses and certificate programs that fit into your schedule.

As one of the more practical of the 6 Cs of nursing, competence also means that each nurse should know their scope of practice within the medical system. This helps patient care continue smoothly and can guide nurses when they need to seek out help from other medical professionals.

  1. Communication

Obviously, communication is extremely important in the nursing field. A nurse must be able to communicate with other healthcare providers in a timely, competent, and effective manner. Effective communication also aids in the development of a positive relationship with the patient. Cultural sensitivity, tone of voice, and appropriate language all help communication be more effective with each person the nurse comes in contact with.

  1. Courage

Almost every working day, nurses must confront situations and challenges that may cause tension or fear. These situations may arise from patient care, or they may stem from interactions with other healthcare professionals. Nurses must be courageous, doing what they believe is right and beneficial for the patient in all regards. They must also have the courage to stand by the values and standards of the profession. Looking for inspiration? Check out the story of nursing pioneer Mary Seacole.

  1. Commitment

The final of the 6 Cs of nursing is commitment. Nurses must be committed to taking care of patients and providing the highest quality care possible. Commitment to your patient’s needs takes many forms, including a willingness to show up for your shift ready and on time, every time.

Commitment also means upholding the professional code of nursing. Working in the healthcare field can be very challenging, and each nursing professional must develop coping skills to successfully perform in their respective jobs. Commitment is key for guiding patients toward better health.


As I bid you farewell, I urge you to carry the essence of these 6 Cs in your heart. Whether you find yourself in need of care or in a position to offer it, may the magic of compassion guide your steps, may the enchantment of competence elevate your endeavours, and may the spell of commitment fuel your unwavering dedication.

Remember, dear reader, that within the realm of nursing, there is a symphony of care, an ethereal tapestry of healing, and a touch of magic that resides in the hearts of those who choose this noble path. May you be touched by the enchantment of nursing care, and may you, in turn, share its radiance with others.

Until we meet again on another enchanting adventure, may your life be filled with wonder, joy, and the extraordinary beauty of compassionate care. The 6Cs of Nursing


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