Reviewing the Classical Argument

Reviewing the Classical Argument

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How is the classical argument structure different from what you think of as a normal argument you might encounter in a conversation with somebody or an argument you might see on TV? Talk about the classical argument sections you feel you understand and do not understand.



Reviewing the Classical Argument

The classical argument differs from normal arguments as it strictly focuses on different sections. This type of argument aims at making inquiries, convictions, negotiations and persuasions. In normal conversations, these sections may not be present because there are no rules on how a person may approach a concept or subject. Therefore, there are different ways in which people argue or converse in a television setting. From another perspective, it can be seen that a classical argument does not involve more than one party (Winthrop, n.d.).


In my understanding, all the different sections of a classical argument are necessary. In my view, the introductory section is easy to understand because it brings about the general information of the argument. I find the narration part to be tedious due to one’s involvement with various developments to create a position on an issue. In addition, it is difficult to understand because it restricts one from developing specific claims yet it requires one to state facts. The first reason and claim section is easy to develop because it involves developing one’s support of an argument basing on what they think to be strongest reasons (Winthrop, n.d.).

In addition, I find the second and third reason and claim sections to be well elaborated. They do not need much development a s long one brings about a suitable reason. Moreover, the rules involved in these sections are easy to follow. For instance, one needs to analyze a source and to support his or her position with suitable elaboration. The acknowledgement and refutation section is well-defined. However, it needs suitable techniques for writer to refute his position and come up with a better way to depict his position as the most relevant. In that regard, I find it to be difficult because it may make one to lose his direction when he acknowledges the opposing views without refuting it with the same rigor (Winthrop, n.d.).


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