Response letter to the author

Response letter to the author

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1- In 300 words write a response letter to the author. State whether you agree or disagree with their viewpoint.  Provide at least one example in your response to support your position.

2- In 100-150 words – what is the primary appeal the author uses to get the argument across to the reader? Provide an example and explanation.



Trump has gone off a narcissistic cliff. Does anything matter anymore?

In the recent past, one does not need to be professional in mental health to recognize that something is off with the 45th and current president of the United States of America, Donald Trump. I agree that Trump has gone off a narcissistic cliff. There has been no president in history that has been established to have shown an excessive interest in or admiration of oneself and their physical appearance. Trump, on the other hand, has prompted several discussions regarding his mental stability and connection with reality based on the excessive need for admiration, being arrogant and disregarding others. Also, he has exhibited an outright inability to effectively handle criticism making him expose his sense of entitlement.


The issue of white nationalism in America is a serious one and requires to be addressed by the president, who is instead choosing to be egocentric and make everything to be about his life instead of handling the issue. In a world where so many items need to be addressed, trump should not be spending so much time being concerned about personal grievances on social media as well as mainstream media. An example of the things that Trump has devoted time to is to tweet about conspiracy theories and in the process, he ignores serious issues such as the three mass shootings that took place in one week. It is for these issues that other people find him mentally unstable. An example is John Kelly who referred to him as “off the rails” and “unhinged” referring to his state of imbalance. We have reached a point where no one knows what to expect from Trump anymore. He seems to change based on his moods from one minute to another as influenced by either headline on the news or even Tweeter. Nothing matters anymore.

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The Primary Appeal used in the Article

The primary appeal that is used by the author is pathos, which seeks to bring about the emotional appeal and persuade an audience to feel what the author wants. The author of this text wants the audience to feel how mentally unstable the president has become and is consequently providing examples to show how he is becoming Narcissistic. The author writes that “With America facing a rising tide of white nationalism and a world on fire, we have a leader who is dangerously unfit, makes everything about him.” In doing so, he attempts to make the audience understand how inefficient the president is and especially the fact that he has become egocentric and not showing active efforts towards handling the issues that the country is facing. The title of the article also prompts one to acknowledge the fact that nothing matters to the president anymore.


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