Writing Activity 2-Capital Punishment in Criminal Justice

Writing Activity 2-Capital Punishment in Criminal Justice


Writing Activity 2 has four sections to complete. You will use the writing templates in your Webtext to complete them. Once you complete all templates, you will be able to download your work and submit it to Blackboard. The Webtext will guide you through the process.

Section 1 Outline

Create an outline. The outline is the plan for what to include in your essay. See chapter 4 of your Webtext for information on how to create a great outline.

Section 2 Working Thesis Statement

This is a one-sentence statement summarizing the main idea of your essay. It should tell your reader what your topic is, what your position is on the topic, and how you will support it. Use the template in chapter 4 of your Webtext to write your working thesis statement.

ENG215 Writing Activity 2 (rev. 2018-12) 2

Section 3 Starting Draft

Use the Webtext writing templates to set up your essay and write the first two paragraphs. Chapter 5 of the Webtext will provide you with guidance.

Section 4 Feedback Reflection

Use the writing templates in chapter 5 of the Webtext to: 1. List the feedback you received on writing activity one 2. Explain how you used feedback from writing activity one to write activity two 3. Discuss how the feedback on writing activity one will help you with future writing.



Capital Punishment in Criminal Justice

Part 1: Outline

  • Introduction
  • History of Capital Punishment in Criminal Justice
  • Crimes that required capital punishment
  • Capital punishment today across different parts of the world
  • Capital punishment in America today and methods used
  • Justification for capital punishment
  • Position against capital punishment
    • Capital punishment is morally wrong
    • Capital punishment however denies the offender the opportunity of rehabilitation
    • capital punishment process is also expensive
    • errors in capital punishments present irreversible consequences on innocent people
  • Conclusion

Chapter 2: Working Thesis Statement

The argument for capital punishment is that it serves as a deterrent to others who would want to engage in similar crimes, that argument is often tempered by some more critical factors.

Starting Draft

Capital punishment also referred to as the death penalty is a justice system where the offenders, when found guilty are killed. Several justifications have been made for the penalty and against it and the debates have advanced with time. In most cases, there have been more debates about the justifications and they seem to have taken center stage over the capital punishment issue itself. The main argument that surrounds the topic is the ability of the capital punishment penalty to effectively serve as a deterrent to crime. The idea behind capital punishment is that when criminals are punished by being put to death, potential criminals will be discouraged from crime. Although the pro-death crusaders argue that it serves as a deterrent to others who would want to engage in similar crimes, the argument is often tempered by some more critical factors.


Since time immemorial, criminals have been executed as a punishment for the crimes that they have committed (Rice, 2017). The death penalty dates back to Eighteenth Century B.C. in the Code of King Hammurabi of Babylon, which codified the death penalty for different crimes. The reasons for the penalty varied among different societies and they included sexual crimes, blasphemy, magic as well as a violation of religious obligations among others (McFeely, 2019). In the Tenth Century A.D., hanging became the usual method of execution in Britain. In the following century, William the Conqueror would not allow persons to be hanged or otherwise executed for any crime, except in times of war. In the Sixteenth Century, under the reign of Henry VIII, the punishment was offered for capital offenses as marrying a Jew, not confessing to a crime and treason (Paternoster, 1991). In the USA the punishment has been used for treason, murder, and people involved in the use of spies by governments to obtain political and military information Vila and Morris, 1997)

Part 4: Feedback Reflection

The feedback received in the writing activity 1

  • Provides more citations for some of the information provided.
  • Provide appropriate Punctuation in compound intense
  • Work on the incomplete sentences
  • Provide more information on statistics or constitutional laws that support your argument.

The feedback will be useful in writing activity 2 because I will be keener on how I structure the sentences so that they can pass the message more coherently and effectively. The feedback is also useful in my research as I will delve into more research so that I can expand my knowledge to help me gain a better position on the topic and support my position more.

Writing Activity 2-Capital Punishment in Criminal Justice

The feedback is also beneficial for the future as I will incorporate the lessons into other different writings including those that are academic and those that are not. In doing so, I will be a more credible writer.



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