Discussion-ACHE leadership competencies

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Discussion-ACHE leadership competencies

Respond to at least two of your colleagues’ postings and continue the Discussion through Day 7. Expand on this Discussion by providing additional insights or alternative perspectives.

Discussion-ACHE leadership competencies

Peer posts 1

Jacquelyne Atakora 

Wk 4 Discussion

Meeting ACHE leadership competencies means having strategic management skills, which “involves building and allocating resources both to meet the needs of today and to fulfill the vision of the future” (Walston, 2018). Out of the five competencies, I have exceptional professionalism and communication skills that I have gained from overall work experience. Communication and relationship management mainly comes from having suitable customer service skills and knowing how to build appropriate, internal relationships for the betterment of the organization. Areas of weakness include “knowledge of the health care environment” and “business skills and knowledge”, which is based off of not gaining experience in these areas. I have no experience working in a health care, so I would need to get my foot in the door in that field. In order for any leader to effectively improve their weaknesses, they must be able to support change to encompass “encouraging individual growth and learning as well as organizational innovation” (Potthoff, 2004). Individual growth for me would mean building on my communication and relationship building skills to gain knowledge in health care and business. Networking, internships, and entry level positions are all ways in which I can gain proper knowledge to become a better leader. Speaking to the right individuals and getting my foot in the door at a proper business will help me put my strengths to use and continue to gain the knowledge I need to succeed.


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Peer Posts 2

Cornel Bedward 

Week 4 Discussion

When it comes to the ACHE leadership competencies building on the strengths and improving weaknesses is important to excel as a health care administrator and be successful. When it comes to communication and relationship management it is extremely important to execute this properly. Furthermore, leadership is essential with managing change and communicating the organizations mission and vision. Also, professionalism is a competency domain that meets up with the other domains. Continued education and planning is important to ensure that the role of the individual is being met for the benefit of the organization. Additionally, employees should have a good understanding of the health care environment. Unfortunately, this requires internal and external management constraints that the staff really only understand. If new employees do not understand the flow of the organization, it will be hard for them to grasp the routine and create issues. So ensuring that new employees are educated and understand the vision and mission of the organization is essential for the success of the employees and the organization.


American College of Healthcare Executives. (2016). ACHE healthcare executive 2016 competencies assessment tool. Retrieved from, https://www.ache.org/pdf/nonsecure/careers/competencies_booklet.pdf




Jacquelyne Atakora 

Hi Jacquelyne,

I enjoyed reading your post. It is good that you seem to have realized your strength and weaknesses. A good leader should try to know his or her weaknesses as much as knowing the strengths. Weaknesses can hold someone back and prevent them from achieving their dreams. However, when one realized and acknowledges the weaknesses, they will work on improving them. As Geil Browning notes, “to truly be a great leader, you can’t just take advantage of your strengths. You also have to recognize your weaknesses, and learn how to make them benefit your particular leadership style” (Browning, 2017). A leader should understand well their area of work and therefore, understanding the healthcare system is very important for you in order to become a leader in the sector. In addition, having skills and knowledge related to the healthcare field is important for one to lead others in a healthcare system. The willingness you have to improve in the areas is the first step that is required to achieve your goals.



Browning, G. (2017). Excel at What Does Not Come Naturally: 7 Ways to Lead Better. Retrieved from https://www.inc.com/geil-browning/leadership-managing-identify-your-weaknesses-and-lead-effectively-because-of-them.html


Cornel Bedward 

Hi Cornel,

You brought our good insights in your discussion. One thing that I can agree with you is that continued education and planning is important especially in the healthcare setting. Continuing professional development is important because it ensures you continue to be competent in your profession. It is an ongoing process and continues throughout a professional’s career. Continuous professional development ensures that one stays relevant and up to date (Prince & Reichert, 2017). Thus, one is more aware of the changing trends and directions in the profession. There are many changes happening in the healthcare sector especially in terms of technology. Thus, if one stands still, they risk being left behind, as the knowledge and skills they have become outdated.

Discussion-ACHE leadership competencies


Prince, S. & Reichert, C. (2017). The Importance of Continuing ProfessionalDevelopment to Career Satisfaction and Patient Care:Meeting the Needs of Novice to Mid- to Late-CareerNurses throughout Their Career Span. Retrieved from https://res.mdpi.com/d_attachment/admsci/admsci-07-00017/article_deploy/admsci-07-00017.pdf





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