Community Health in Nursing

Community Health in Nursing

A quality initial response to the Discussion Question should be roughly 400 words.

Discussion Question:

Answer the following questions honestly (safe space).

  1. How does a person’s difference in age, culture, race, gender and living situation impact your comfort as a nurse in communicating with them?
  2. While growing up, how were OAs treated in your family, culture, community and in society (identify the year range).

Your initial posting should be at least 400 words in length and utilize at least one scholarly source other than the textbook.





Community Health in Nursing

Question One

Navigating the unique needs of patients is very unnerving. So much so, that I am in constant fear of offending my patients members of their families. The fear mostly stems from not knowing about the crucial cultural or religious practices of my patients or witnessing aspects of their culture that goes against my personal beliefs and convictions. This fear affects my everyday routines including maintaining eye contact, touch or observing verbal and non-verbal communication with patients. When interacting with patients from different cultures, I am mindful of my mannerisms and I try to be respectful. Communicating with the elderly is extremely challenging and requires special skills. To improve my communication techniques with this group, I took it upon myself to pursue extra training. I also acquired tips to effectively communicate with younger patients. Time is always a consideration when conversing with younger or older patients. To facilitate communication, I have learnt to be patient, explain myself clearly and involve family members in the decision-making process. As a nurse, I struggle with communicating or assessing individuals who identify outside the traditional gender binary of man or woman. When dealing with transgender patients, I have to respect their identity by using correct terminologies in all forms of communication (Walsh and Hendrickson, 2015). As a nurse, I play a critical role in delivering essential health services to my patients and the community in general. Effective communication is at the core of this goal. Therefore, I make a conscious effort to increase communication with patients and their families to lessen medical errors and create positive outcomes for everyone involved.


Question Two

I remember when growing up, my grandmother at 52 was still working in human resources, at a research company. Her fast-paced career required her to travel, set up meetings and participate in training activities. While a majority of her age mates were settling down and planning their retirement, my grandmother went back to school and completed evening classes in nursing. She refused to slow down and as such, was held in high regard in our family. However, there was a negative cultural attitude towards the elderly and aging while I was growing up. Society would glorify youth while the elderly were often associated with hostility and grumpiness. Growing up, comedies and movies in general painted a negative picture of the elderly. They were never conveyed as being full of life, of being the best employees like my grandmother, or in other myriad of roles that the youth were given. Age stereotypes were often accepted. Signs of natural aging were strongly fought against and were viewed as sources of shame and embarrassment. As such, I saw many people turn to plastic surgery to fight any appearance of aging. In our home, my grandparents’ experience and wisdom was highly respected. They were a source of wisdom and offered to support to all members of our family. When asked, my grandmother often reports that her life is more satisfying now that she is older than when she was younger. However, older adults are still subject to cultural attitudes that devalue them and make them feel invincible.




Walsh, D. and Hendrickson, S.G. (2015). Focusing on the “T” in LGBT: An Online Survey of Related Content in Texas Nursing Programs. J Nurs Educ, 54(6), 347-351.



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