Are there areas you wish to change?

This quiz made me realize how much I don’t know about politics and policy within the states and organizations I work for. As a regular voter, I usually only vote for presidential elections. I am unfamiliar with my state’s major pieces of legislation about the state senators and representatives. I would like to be more involved in the knowledge of this legislation. It is important to keep up with the changes and challenges that my state is facing as it affects me daily.

How can you develop your level of advocacy, or perhaps, encourage others to step out of their comfort zone?

I can develop my level of advocacy by first engaging and educating myself in politics and policy in general. If I first advocate for myself to be informed, I can promote and set an example of how uninformed individuals, such as myself, to be involved in politics. This can encourage others to step outside of their comfort zone if they see that other individuals are unaware and are willing to educate themselves to show support and practice our rights to vote in a positive and educated manner. A nurse profession and healthcare organization must understand the advocacy needs to provide effective coaching, education, and resources that can be developed and disseminated, and these tools can be used to advocate in their city/town as well as at the state and federal levels (Varghese & Gosselin, 2023).

Consider what is needed for you to lead political advocacy and shared governance in policy-making in your organization, and profession.

As mentioned previously, effective coaching, education, and resources and needed to lead political advocacy and shared governance in policymaking in an organization and profession. In my profession as a flight nurse, our bases are all over the states which does not allow us to see each other face to face in one room. We often have Google Meet to participate in policy making and regulating. We must develop strategies for engagement, an accountability framework, reporting and measuring the framework, prevention, integration, and action plans to implement political advocacy (Justin-Paul & Jagnoor, 2023). To be a leader, I must be led. This means I must have a mentor to guide me on how to be a leader in political advocacy to be able to lead in a political role.

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