I gained valuable and insightful lessons after completing the politics and policy self-inventory quiz. It improved my understanding, beliefs, and views on political and policy-related matters, redefining my knowledge considerably. As a regular voter, I realized that being up-to-date with contemporary societal issues, such as equality and unity, is essential. Thus, my perceptions align with candidates with ideologies that match my values and priorities. Currently, I am content with my knowledge base concerning political affairs since I am familiar with my senator’s and representative’s legislative actions. However, I would like to make some transformations to enhance my knowledge base and understanding of my organization’s internal policies, culture around politics, policy and activism, and professional association involvement. Expressing opinions and preferences through voting for the right leaders enhances citizens’ democratic voice and contributes to the growth of progressive policies.

            I can develop my level of advocacy through education and awareness, leading by example, and providing opportunities for action. Since I elevate political issues in personal and professional settings, I would like to become more involved publicly through researching and learning political and advocacy-related issues to comprehend my ideologies and workplace dynamics. For example, I aim to share my knowledge with colleagues through conversations, social networking platforms, and events to increase awareness. Jurns (2019) found that advocacy frequency is linked to participants’ views of speaking skills, understanding of the organization’s daily sponsorship activities, and comprehension of policy creation. Moreover, leading by example would help me demonstrate my commitment to advocacy. For instance, volunteering for companies, collaborating with elected officials, and attending protests can inspire others to join and leave their comfort zones. Furthermore, creating opportunities that entail signing petitions, engaging in rallies, or advocacy crusades on social networking sites can help me impact others to pursue such interests. Thus, these approaches can result in positive social, economic, and political changes.

            Leading successful political advocacy and shared governance in policy-making in my organization and profession requires adequate support and resources. Since I know about policy development and the revision process in my workplace, accessing reading materials such as brochures with information on these topics is essential. In this regard, I aim to research information online to improve my knowledge and expertise on issues relevant to the organization and influence individuals who may feel unsure or hesitant to join the initiative. Professional coaching is also necessary to help me understand executive leadership’s engagement in organizational policy and political activism. Halliwell et al. (2023) claim that mentoring increases a leader’s self-efficacy, encouraging them to inspire and persuade others. For example, discussing strategic thinking can help me tactfully plan an advocacy initiative by setting goals, evaluating the political environment, and comprehending stakeholders’ interests. Moreover, I can learn how to enroll in professional association groups to stay updated on their political roles effectively. Commitment to equity and inclusion is also essential to inspire me to pursue organizations with unionized programs. Cultivating these attributes and capabilities can help me drive positive transformations.

            The politics and policy self-inventory quiz was informative. It helped me recognize my strengths and weaknesses concerning crucial issues related to political advocacy, voting rights, political knowledge, organizational internal policies, company culture and activism, professional associations, and unionized environment. Although knowledgeable in certain areas, I aim to improve my experiences and skills to gain policy and advocacy competencies. Acquiring relevant ideas and skills in advocacy is also crucial. This process can be realized through education and awareness, leading by example, and providing opportunities for action. These initiatives require adequate resources to ensure stakeholders acquire pertinent skills to successfully navigate the political workplace environment. Mastering these processes can help transform societies and organizations economically, socially, and politically.


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