In FAVOR of publicly disclosing the hospital’s policy, requiring increased sensitivity, competence, and annual training for all staff on improving care delivery for LGBTQIAP+ patients. 

            The LGBTQIAP+ is the acronym used for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex, asexual/aromantic, and pansexual communities. The people who define their gender identity as LGBTQIAP+ are seen as non-normative due to their identities being marginalized by society (Queer Asterisk, 2017).

            According to Yu et al. (2023), the LGBTQ+ are considered gender minorities/ gender diverse groups. Societal attitudes are still evolving towards these communities, but health disparities remain, which adversely affect their overall health. These health disparities include distrust of health professionals, discrimination during previous healthcare encounters, refusal of care, and previous stigmatization that prevents them from seeking healthcare. So, providing clinically and culturally responsive healthcare to LGBTQ+ patients is a significant concern.

            As a member of the leadership team at the regional nonprofit hospital, I favor publicly disclosing the hospital policy of requiring increased sensitivity, competence, and annual training for all staff on improving care delivery for LGBTQIAP+ patients. There is no doubt that patients from the LGBTQIAP+ community have unique healthcare needs like gender-affirming treatments for transgender patients and screening for sexually transmitted infections for men who have sex with men (Yu. et al., 2023).

Disclosing the policy publicly will help with the following:

  • Various communities and LGBTQIAP+ communities will learn the new policy that this hospital is providing training to their staff regarding improved care delivery for their community, which will motivate LGBTQIAP+ patients to seek healthcare comfortably.
  • Learning about this policy will increase the intake of bisexual male patients (men who have sex with men) for sexually transmitted infections screening, which can reduce the rate of such infections in the area.
  • Knowing about this policy will reduce the stigmatization and discrimination against LGBTQIAP+ patients, which will help improve their mental health. So, they will have less fear of discrimination because everybody in the hospital will know that they are welcome to get care in this hospital.
  • Increased intake of LGBTQIAP+ patients will support our hospital financially, and we will regain the trust of LGBTQIAP+ patients.

Finally, publicly disclosing this new policy aims to improve cultural competence in the healthcare delivery for LGBTQIAP+ patients by providing targeted care for specific populations, social and structural equality of care, and avoiding discrimination and stigmatization (Bass et al., 2023). Hopefully, we will achieve these goals by informing the public that we are attempting these measures in our hospital for the welfare of our whole community.

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