Hello everyone, I have opted to participate in group B with the opposition to disclosing the hospital’s policy publicly. Public disclosure of the hospital’s LGBTQIAP+ policy could lead to backlash and reduced care access. Publicly revealing the hospital’s new LGBTQIAP+ care policy poses a possible risk of backlash and reduced care access that could negatively affect patient care, considering the context of our non-profit, conservative, and faith-based atmosphere (Endsjø, 2020). Relevant stakeholders such as donors, the community, and healthcare personnel have religious affiliations, which could contradict the policy. The potential backlash from the various stakeholders could cripple the hospital’s ability to offer care to the general population since it could take the form of boycotts, go-slows, and open criticism, which would distress the hospital’s ability to offer healthcare services and its ability to support its operations financially. Conflict among employees whose personal beliefs conflict with the LGPTQIAP+ policy could, therefore, disrupt the calm, sensitive atmosphere required for the most excellent possible patient care, which is the healthcare organization’s top priority. Besides, the LGBTQIAP+ community in the country has frequently faced discrimination in healthcare institutions based on their sexual orientation (Bass & Nagy, 2022). Publicizing their policy would lead to negative movements and reactions from the biased communities. This would limit healthcare accessibility for biased individuals who may not feel comfortable sharing the same health facility with the LGBTQIA+ community.

             Public disclosure of the hospital’s LGBTQIAP+ policy has also raised concerns about patient privacy. Publicly disclosing the new hospital’s LGBTQIAP+ policy could potentially impact patients’ privacy and confidentiality since it unintentionally discloses the health conditions and identities of queer patients. In most cases, individual patients in the LQBTQIAP+ community prefer to keep their gender identity and their sexual orientation private. Therefore, making such a policy public is likely to compromise their privacy. Privacy concerns could cause fear and stigma for LGBTIAP+ patients as a result of the public’s knowledge of the policy (Endsjø, 2020).

              Moreover, privacy concerns will make patients hesitant to seek necessary care due to the policy’s public visibility. According to Wesley et al. (2023), transgender people report avoidance or delays while seeking healthcare due to perceived bias. Publicizing the LGBTIAP+ policy will disclose their medical information to third parties, thus escalating the issue of healthcare avoidance among this community.

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