Briefly explain how a patient panel is constructed (for example, in a free-standing primary care clinic). Who is involved in the process? Are internal policies involved?

Patient panels are developed in relation to the number of patients a provider cares for during a specific period of time (1). A standard patient panel size can be 2500 patients but this can lead to some patients not receiving the care they need in a primary care setting due to the provider not being able to provide adequate time and interaction for each patient. There are many things that can impact how a patient panel is constructed such as the set up of the practice, how a physician likes to care for patients, and the patient population (1). One way to construct a patient panel is by seeing how many patients were seen by a particular provider within the past 18 months and how frequently they saw that provider. The healthcare team is involved in the process and that specific practice’s guidelines.

Should patient panel size and diversity be regulated by the government? Explain your position.

I think that patient panel size should be regulated by the government to an extent. This is because panel size and diversity will directly affect patient care and access. For example, if a panel is way to big then patients will have less access to care and will not have as adequate of care either. Therefore, the government should have regulations such as a cap of the number on a panel size, such as 3000 patients would be a maximum or something based on other guidelines like how many providers are at a practice etc.

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