Discussion Initial Post1. Briefly explain how a patient panel is constructed (for example, in a free-standing primary care clinic). Who is involved in the process? Are internal policies applied?

“Panel management allows primary care physicians to use dedicated time to direct proactive care for their patients, uses staff support to conduct outreach, and leverages new panel-based information technology tools.” (Neuwirth et al. 2007) The panel refers to a group of patients who, over time period, get assigned to primary care physicians and the healthcare team. To build the panel, research is completed, looking for the one physician the patient sees often. The process involves the team members and the patient, who has a vote on whether to stay assigned to that one physician. The goal is to provide quality care, with continuation of care, and improve the relationship between providers and patients. Lastly, the panel size significantly impacts how the delivery of care is given and its success. A large patient panel to one provider can mean less quality time and less quality of care. 

2. Should patient panel size and diversity be regulated by the government? Explain your position.

The sizing should be regulated, while diversity may be open. Let’s think of a primary health care provider whose patient panel size is over 200 patients, all from different diverse groups, meaning age groups. If the doctor has a schedule of over 35 patients per day in an 8-hour window, is he providing quality care? Are relationships being built? A reasonable size should be regulated for each physician to ensure they can actually sit down and establish rapport with the patient, understand the background story, and, therefore, be able to provide better care. A 5-minute visit cannot encompass all a patient’s needs, let alone allow the physician to understand the patient’s concerns. Diversity can be managed if the sizing is small, but with a large group of diverse patients, it can be more challenging for one provider to be able to address, be culturally aware, and care for its patient accordingly. 

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