Hello everyone, equal access to quality and affordable healthcare has been a major health problem in our community. Therefore, there is a need to develop an equitable measure that will help improve healthcare services in our community by eliminating disparities and socioeconomic factors. As a leader in community healthcare, I have proposed the equitable healthcare access initiative to address the disparity issues.A summary of the need for the program        Our community is subdivided into diverse demographics with different social and economic statuses. Access to equitable and affordable healthcare services has become a challenge for the community. Last year, more than 55% of black Americans in our society confirmed having a negative experience with healthcare providers. Besides, more than 20% of households in our society live in poverty. This limits their ability to access high-quality care services. The disparities in access to affordable healthcare create the need to develop a program to address the issues. The equitable healthcare access initiative would help bridge the disparity gap in healthcare quality for underserved people (WHO, 2023). The program will subsidize care payments for low-income residents and ensure equal access to healthcare among all races in our community.Enacting and supporting the program       Enacting the program will involve engaging with the community to understand their specific needs. This process will involve organizing focus groups and outreach programs to assess and understand the diverse needs of patients in the community. Community engagement will help gather underserved communities’ perspectives on how they have been discriminated against and the solutions they have in mind to end healthcare disparities. Enacting an equitable healthcare access initiative will also involve partnering with local hospitals to facilitate the implementation of the program. Government agencies, NGOs, and private health stakeholders will also be required to support the program. These stakeholders will help fund the program and ensure it has been effectively integrated with our community’s healthcare system.Expected pushback        The program is expected to face funding challenges. Ensuring equitable access to healthcare will require costly medical subsidies to cover the cost of healthcare for underserved residents (Shrank et al., 2021). The cost of medical subsidies may be high and expensive for the state or national government. Therefore, financial institutions and government officials may raise financial and funding concerns about the program.Approval or enactment        The state government will be responsible for funding and implementing the program. Therefore, the equitable healthcare access initiative will need state government approval. State government approval will ensure funding of the program for effective implementation.


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