• Provide a brief summary detailing the need for this measure (this may include a little background on your community/demographics).

I work in one of the Sant Ana community hospitals, in southern California, where there are many homeless and uninsured populations, that the measure we need to improve our community, is to provide care for uninsured people, especially since most of them have chronic diseases and a significant number of which are substance abusers. Because of this, the hospital usually, receives many unconscious patients who are intoxicated. People who aren’t covered by health insurance have the risk of delayed care which may result in poor health outcomes (Finding Care When Uninsured, 2021).

  • Briefly explain how you will enact and support the measure.

From a point of nurse leadership, I should teach uninsured patients how to get healthcare coverage and explain to them how they can get access to healthcare. Some resources can be used by the uninsured such as state and federal programs for free screening, medical assistance programs that can provide coverage for low-income and uninsured people on a sliding scale cost or no cost; such as Covered California health insurance, free clinic or income-based sliding scale clinic, search for closest university or teaching hospital especially in case of chronic disease or major illness as different kinds of cancer and local universities or specialty training centers if patients need physical therapy, rehabilitative and occupational therapy (Finding Care When Uninsured, 2021). In addition to the nurse’s role of teaching about different community and state resources, a nurse should play the role of an advocate by contacting different organizations to allow the patient to take his or her desired care in the closest facility. A nurse can also address social needs in a clinical setting and work across different sectors and disciplines to address the different and complex needs of communities and individuals (5 the role of nurses in improving health equity, 2021).

  • Summarize any push-back you expect to receive (and from whom).

I expected push-back from Medicare and Covered California organizations, as they have very strict regulations (Alejandro, 2014). Sometimes, pushing-back comes from the state as they don’t want to pay too much money for unemployed, uninsured, and homeless people, or from patients themselves as they don’t care about their health until a major illness happens.

  • Detail what is needed to approve or enact this measure (ex: city council approval, city budget approval, mayoral endorsement, state funding, grants, etc.)

This is a big project and needs too much money, to approve the measure to cover uninsured and homeless people, the approval should be done by state funding. I should enact patients and assess their health needs, check the health policies then contact the governor’s office and ask how funding can be achieved, and would encourage people to help fund the project to help people without insurance.

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