This week, you will research the COVID-19 pandemic. You will create a poster using Microsoft PowerPoint to address the following issues: Think of each bullet point as a section of your poster.

  • How was this pandemic different from those of the past and from more modern issues such as Ebola, SARS, or H1N1? Include graphs with US and global pandemic facts.
  • Include content on vaccinations with COVID-19. Can vaccinations be required? Do people have the right to refuse?
  • What ethical issues arose during the pandemic (for example, patients dying alone, visitation etc.)?
  • What ethical principles were impacted? Include all four principles.
  • As an advanced practitioner, what is your point of view regarding the ethical situations and responses created by this pandemic?

If you copy and paste references from the course into your presentation slides, be sure to confirm APA formatting before submitting.

You will first attach a rough draft of your Microsoft PowerPoint poster in Discussion 5.1: Poster Rough Draft Peer Review for your peers and instructor to review. Make sure you consider peer and instructor feedback and incorporate when appropriate into your poster before submitting your final poster to this assignment (Assignment 5.1: Ethical Issues During Pandemics Poster).

Review How to Create a Research Poster PowerPoint (18:00 minutes)Links to an external site. (How to create a research poster transcriptLinks to an external site.), which was provided in Week 5’s readings. Your Microsoft PowerPoint file should have one slide for the poster. Read how to change the size of your slidesLinks to an external site. for instructions on using custom dimensions. Your slide will need to be large enough to include all the information. Should you want to print your poster in the future (not required for this assignment), consider using one of the standard poster sizesLinks to an external site.. The video mentioned in this paragraph recommends sizing your poster to 48 inches wide by 36 inches high for sizing common at academic conferences.

Here are some examples of work students have submitted in the past:

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