Week 4 Discussions

Read the assigned chapters on perceiving others, influence, and conformity. Reflect on the following:

  1. Perception of Others:
    • Consider instances in your life where your perception of someone significantly influenced your interactions with them. Share specific examples, and identify any cognitive processes discussed in the readings that align with these experiences.
  2. Influence and Conformity:
    • Explore situations where you felt influenced by others or observed conformity in a group setting. How did these instances shape your behavior or the behavior of those around you? Connect your experiences to the theories and concepts introduced in the chapters.
  3. Personal Insights:
    • Share at least three terms or concepts from the readings that resonated with your understanding of perceiving others, influence, or conformity. Highlight these terms and discuss how they relate to your personal experiences.




Chapter 4 and 5 week4 discussion 

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