Nu636U1D-Alternative Modalities

In this unit you will be reading about complementary, alternative and integrative health care approaches.

Review information about those therapies on the NCCIH website accessed through the link below. to an external site.

Please develop a discussion that responds to each of the following prompts.  Where appropriate your discussion needs to be supported by scholarly resources.  Be sure to include in-text citations in the context of the discussion and provide a full reference citation at the end of the discussion.

Discussion Prompts

  • From your review of the NCCIH website you know that about 30% of adults engage with health care modalities not typically considered part of the conventional medical care model.
  • The likelihood exists that either you or someone you know has utilized complementary, alternative or integrative health care modalities.
  • Reflect on one of those non-conventional modalities that you have experience with.
  • Construct a discussion of that experience utilizing the PDSA model schemata.
  • Support elements of the ‘Plan’ aspect with appropriate information from scholarly resources.
  • Compare the ‘Study’ aspect with findings from scholarly resources.

Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.

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