Plan for Anticipatory Guidance for Middle Childhood (5yrs, 6yrs, 7yrs, 8yrs, 9yrs, 10yrs):


– Growth and Development: Follows rules, engages in imaginative play, performs simple chores, tells stories with at least two events.

– Nutrition: Eat breakfast, encourage 3 servings of low-fat dairy, limit candy and high-fat foods, offer 5 servings of fruits and vegetables.

– Sleep: Aim for 10-11 hours of sleep per night.

– Safety: Use car safety seat, teach swimming, supervise around water, use sunscreen, provide safety gear for activities, have smoke alarms and fire escape plan, install carbon monoxide detector (Kim et al., 2022).


– Growth and Development: Grown about 2.5 inches and gained about 7 pounds, development of molars, starting to lose baby teeth.

– Nutrition: Limit candy and high-fat foods, offer 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, limit TV time, ensure 1 hour or more of physical activity.

– Sleep: Aim for 9-12 hours of sleep per night.

– Safety: Store guns safely, teach street and bus safety, supervise bath time, wear helmets when riding a bike.

7 and 8-Year-Old:

– Growth and Development: Improved physical coordination and motor skills, better control over reactions.

– Nutrition: Focus on nutrient-dense foods, limit sugar, saturated fat, and salt, follow recommended servings of different food groups.

– Safety: Teach personal safety, keep floors and stairs safe, supervise outdoor activities, teach road safety, wear helmets.

9 and 10-Year-Old:

– Growth and Development: Increased independence, social development, physical changes indicating puberty.

– Nutrition: Follow recommended calorie, protein, fruit, vegetable, grain, and dairy intake.

– Safety: Use booster car seat until appropriate height and age, supervise swimming, use sunscreen, wear safety gear, teach street safety, store guns safely, teach emergency preparedness (Kim et al., 2022). 

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