2-year-old well child visit:

Your baby is age 2! The time flies so fast! Your baby has grown so much and learned so many new things. Here is what you can expect from your 2-year-old and at your child’s well-child visit.  

Growth and Development:

There are so many things that your should be able to do. Their growth and development have skyrocketed since birth. Your 2-year-old may be noticing when your hurt or sad or when others are upset. They are becoming very aware of the emotions of others. Their communication has progressed from babbling as an infant to being able to say words and should at least be able to say two or more words together such as “more milk.” Your 2-year-old should also be using different gestures such as waving, blowing kisses, pointing and nodding. Physically you may be asked if your child can run, kick a ball, walk up a few steps unassisted, and eats with a spoon as this is expected physical behaviors of a 2year-old (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2023). Your 2-year-old should be growing like a weed. Not the same little newborn you brough home from the hospital. According to Garzon et al. (2025) the average 2-year-old weighs 28 pounds, is 34 inches tall, and has a head circumference of 18.5 inches. Tall enough to open doors, and has developed the motor skills to turn a doorknob, so lock those doors.


At age one, your baby should’ve been introduced to cow’s milk, more specifically whole cow’s milk. At age two, your child should be switched from whole cow’s milk to reduced fat cow’s milk. They should be introduced daily to nutrient dense foods such as calcium rich foods, foods high in fiber, and foods containing iron and vitamin D. Fruit juices may be consumed as well but should be limited to 100% fruit juice and only 4oz per day (Riley et al., 2018).


Your child may wake up in the middle of the night, that’s ok. You may even notice your child using an object for comfort such as a stuffed animal or favorite blanket. Sleep and naptime schedules should be consistent. Your may notice your child has become a little deviant and is refusing sleep. Your child may even be experiencing nightmares (Garzon et al., 2025).


Safety is a really big concern as you child is learning and exploring and becoming more independent. Small objects are choking hazards so be mindful of different items such as latex balloons, round objects, and food. Be sure when purchasing toys or allowing your child to play with toys that they are age appropriate and don’t contain small parts that child can potentially choke on. Safe gun storage is very important if you have a gun in your home to ensure child isn’t able to access it. You child should be watched closely and never be left unattended as these little 2-year-olds are explorers and may find themselves in an unsafe situation. Watch your child closely around bodies of water (ie. Pools, large bodies of water, and in bathtubs), around your home or yard, and when near a street or being parking lot. Your baby may be growing big and strong, but it is important to leave them rear facing for as long as possible. While laws say child my be forward facing at this age, your child should remain rear facing until your child reaches the highest weight and height recommendations of the car seats manufacturer. You’re probably teaching your child how to ride a tricycle. Make sure child is wearing a helmet when riding bikes/tricycles (Turner, 2018).

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