Mary is a 12-year-old female client who presents to the clinic for her middle school wellness visit. 


Mary does not have any medical or surgical history.  She does not currently take any prescribed or over the counter medication.  She is allergic to amoxicillin resulting in a rash.  Her family history consists of ovarian cancer-maternal aunt and Type II Diabetes Mellitus – paternal grandmother.

She currently lives with her mother, father, and 15-year-old brother.

Subjective and Objective findings are unremarkable.

Immunization History includes the following:

  • Birth – Hep B dose 1
  • Age 2  months – Hep B dose 2, DTap dose 1, IPV dose 1, Hib dose 1, PCV7 dose 1
  • Age 4 months – DTap dose 2, IPV dose 2, Hib dose 2, PCV7 dose 2
  • Age 6 months – Hep B dose 3, DTap dose 3, Hib dose 3, PCV7 dose 3
  • Age 12 months – MMR dose 1, IPV dose 3, PCV7 dose 4
  • Age 18 months – Dtap dose 4, Varicella dose 1, Hep A dose 1
  • Age 5 years – MMR dose 2, Varicella dose 2, IPV dose 4, DTap dose 5


  1. As a provider, you will need to be prepared to answer questions about HPV vaccine from parents/guardians and patients. Therefore, based on the provided resources and your understanding of immunization recommendations, How can you explain why HPV is recommended and at what age(s).

Mary’s mother does not believe that her daughter needs HPV vaccine because she is not sexually active.  She is concerned about her daughter viewing this vaccine as a license to practice unsafe sex. 

  1. How can you answer the questions in a sensitive way but still provide recommendations for the vaccine.
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