NU632 week 8 discussion

  1. A 10-month-old previously healthy child has a history of a URI with a fever of 101.5°F (38.7°C) for 2 days and now presents with acute-onset expiratory wheezing. On examination you note fine rales in the lung bases and copious thick, clear rhinorrhea. The child’s respiratory rate is 52, pulse is 134, and O2 saturation in room air is 96%. The child is eating and drinking less than normal and had a wet diaper approximately 2 hours ago. Family history is positive for asthma in an older sibling. Social history is positive for day care attendance. Is this patient stable and would you be able to treat in your clinic? Explain why you would or would not need additional testing? List 3 differentials for this patient and why? What is your evidence-based plan of care for this child? Be sure to include physical, educational, and follow-up needs.
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