Given her history of chlamydial cervicitis and bacterial vaginosis, and her current symptoms of yellow discharge, burning with urination, and itching, it’s important to perform a pelvic exam and potentially a pap smear to further investigate the cause of her symptoms. Based on the provided information, the diagnosis (assessment) for Geri would likely be chlamydial cervicitis or bacterial vaginosis, considering her past medical history and current symptoms.

The plan for Geri would include prescribing appropriate antibiotic treatment based on the likely diagnosis. It’s important to educate Geri about the importance of completing the full course of antibiotics and to abstain from sexual activity until treatment is completed (Siqueira, 2014). Additionally, it would be essential to discuss safe sex practices and the importance of regular STI screenings (Dayat, n.d.).

Prescribing treatment for Geri’s partner(s) would also be advisable to prevent reinfection and further spread of the infection. In terms of contraceptive care and counseling, given Geri’s history of using oral contraceptives for birth control, it would be important to discuss other contraceptive options with her. Counseling about the use of condoms to prevent STIs should also be included (About the AIDS Institute – Health Care Services, n.d.).

As for community resources, two options in our area could be the local public health clinic, which often provides STI testing and education, and a community-based organization that offers sexual health and wellness programs for young adults. It’s crucial to provide Geri with comprehensive care, support, and education to address her current health concerns and prevent future issues.

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